A quiet walk in the empty streets of Cubao Expo in broad daylight…

Cubao Expo's The Reading Room

….makes for good introspection…

Cubao Expo: February 2009 - red, black and green

..of everything and nothing in particular..

Cubao Expo: February 2009

…all at once.

Bellini's Santa

Where will I be some years from now?

Home made tin can lamps

Will I be the same? Think the same.. feel the same.. react to things the same..

The birds dont fly

..Will I be stationary as the birds held captive by strings.. always with the same view, flying the same skies.. the same birds…

Bellini's - unassuming through the years

The same facade…

The Beadlady's Display Window

… but perhaps offering other things, unusual things… shiny and shimmery…

Cubao Expo corridor

Would I still crave for quiet cups of coffee and conversation with a friend or two?

Cubao Expo - on sale forever

Will I be showy… but cheap?

Cubao Expo - almost holiday spirit

As seasons come and go…


Random shots from February and December.