Got to drive the car again today. Yes, we do have the car back. Dashboard gauges-less, automatic lock-less, digital clock-less, stereo and player-less but running. Got it back Friday last week. We went all the way to the shop (third shop and nth computer box after) in Banawe, lost Lia’s shoes to the taxi driver in the process, drove to Teacher’s Village to grab early dinner at Cocina Juan where after wards, the car just would not start and we had to wait for shop boys to come to our rescue. Ryan almost made Lia and I go home on our own but he could not find an empty cab.

So anyway, I finally got to drive the car again after so many months. I swear it’s more than three months. Getting good at shifting but still have to control my hands at the wheel, or so I was told. What do I know?! I just drove down Soliven because there was a lot of traffic today. The goal is to be able to drive on my own next year so I can take Lia along for when boredom strikes her. This baby can get so bored sometimes! I wish we did not bring her with us to Bohol, because now she is aware there is an exciting world out there.

lia at the south supermarket

Lia at the South Supermarket

We went to get t-shirts at some warehouse sale The Tshirt Project had going on, then did the groceries at some obscure little supermarket called South Supermarket along A. Rodriguez Avenue before driving to Eastwood to grab some dinner at Heaven and Eggs. A Caucasian family came in while we were waiting for our orders to arrive. They had two little boys and probably a three-month old baby girl. We saw the dad kept waving and smiling at Lia who I was actually teasing with my pretending to own her teddy bear. On our way out, Caucasian dad who had his back turned to us, stopped eating and turned around to ask me, “Hey, how old is your baby?” and he looked at Lia, smiling and waving goodbye and saying, “Oh she’s so cute!”

I remember on the Cebu Pacific plane to Bohol, one of the flight attendants who was initially pushing a cart down the aisle to offer snacks stopped in front of us and never moved on. She just kept talking to and playing with Lia. After they stowed the cart away, she came back and took Lia with her.

In Bohol Bee Farm, I was inside the store buying organic soaps when I saw Lia crying hysterically through the glass window. She was surrounded by a group of maybe six Koreans. Story was, one female Korean came out of the store, saw Lia, got all wide-eyed, came back into the store, called all her other Korean friends and they all went to crowd around the baby. One said, “Oh she’s so cute! Can we have a photo taken with her?” and Ryan said, “Sure, do you want to hold her?” and promptly handed her over. Well, of course, Lia was scared to death and cried hysterically. They were all oooh-ing in loud voices and telling her, “You’re so beautiful!” Poor baby was traumatized, she would not let her mother out of sight after that. I could not even brush my teeth or wash my face or take a bath.

In the plane going back to Manila, a young Caucasian couple was sitting on the seats behind us. The girl said, “How old is she? She is so cute!”

I don’t understand. I think all babies look the same. Hahahaha. But what is up with this international scene? I am beginning to think my baby is “exotic”.

Speaking of the baby, she is now asleep in our eucalyptus-scented room. Thanks Kiel. We are all sick with colds. Ryan and I do synchronized coughing. We think its from that amazing air-conditioning our room at Dumaluan Beach Resort had. Off to bed for now. I hope tomorrow is better. I am losing way too much weight, none of my pants or even belts fit.

Lia and Mama by the beach in Panglao, Bohol

Lia and Mama by the beach in Panglao Island, Bohol