Today is a slow, quiet and lazy day. I have no real housework to do today because Ryan and I finished them all this weekend. I am thinking I should do some packing. We are driving to Bicol early morning on Wednesday. We will be spending a week there – my entire little family with the little dog.

We drove over to Cubao Expo last Saturday because I needed shoes for the office party last Sunday. Yeah, I’m so uninterested in shoes that I have to go out and buy a pair every time I have to go to some party and buy it too just the day before. I got myself the most comfortable suede stilettos I have ever had my feet in. Amazing really. 😐 Afterwards, we drove over to North Susanna Village in Commonwealth Avenue to have dinner with Tin and other friends at Lizzie and Onin’s house. I brought the camera, like I always do, but neglected to take photos. Sad. 🙁 First time over at Lizzie and Onin’s house and we did not have any kind of difficulty finding the place, thanks to Lizzie’s very specific directions. We are really friends aren’t we? I love you Liz! :*

Sunday was housework all day because Ryan’s parents were coming over to babysit for us while we attended the office party. Of course, the house had to be clean! Hahaha! Ryan was required to arrive earlier than all the others because of some briefing or walk-through or whatever, so I decided to have him drop me off at Megamall where I shopped for shoes for May’s wedding. As expected, I found my shoes in the usual store. It’s where I always end up buying my shoes! Amazing. 😐 I did not want to head over at Megatent Events Venue early so I decided to watch Avatar. Yeah! First time to watch a movie alone again in years! And yeah! First time to ever pay for my own movie ticket and because of that, I was shocked to find out that movie tickets at Megamall now cost P172. Dang, the last time I went to see a movie alone, it was in Market!Market! and I paid P90 for my ticket. Amazing, really.

Today is a day Lia and I stay home. I am wondering if I should take her out for a walk around the village but the skies are gloomy and it looks like rain would fall any minute. I guess we will do a rain check? We are going out tomorrow after all, have lunch at Eastwood because Ryan’s mom has some sort of Christmas party at Somethin Fishy and she asked if we could bring the baby so she can “show her off.” 😐 I have to go pick up my dress too for May’s wedding. I don’t have time to pick it up on Wednesday. I also need to do a teeny weeny bit of Christmas shopping. I haven’t found the perfect present just yet for a couple of people.

I am excited about driving home. I hope we wouldn’t have any problems on the road. My sister’s maid might be coming along with us on the drive since my sister’s family is also going to the province. The entire Sorita family will all be together at my parents’ house this Christmas. Exciting! The last time this happened was probably back in 1999! Wow, that was ten years ago. 😐

We will probably just hang out over there in Bicol. Do the usual CWC thing, maybe go to the beach, see my friends… maybe attend my batch’s 10th year reunion… Maybe, just maybe… because I failed to register, hahaha!

And then, last but not the least, attend one of my best friends’ wedding on the 28th before finally driving back on the 29th. We will spend the New Year here, maybe with Ryan’s family. It would be nice to see some fireworks. 🙂