What a productive day! I just wanted to note this. 😉

I cleaned up my disk drives today, moved all my picture files into my portable hard disk and finally… installed my Bamboo Fun tablet! I am still getting the hang of it but I am enjoying it so far!

I finally got rid of my mouse, which I have to say has been very, very durable in the many years I have had it despite the about five hundred times I have dropped it onto the floor and also gotten rid of my absolutely disgusting mouse pad. Hahaha!

Because my Bamboo Fun tablet is new, I had to clean up my laptop as well from dust and accumulated grime just to make things look right *straight face* …and to complete this shiny-ness and cleanliness, I’ve also cleaned up my work table. Now I feel so ready to work, download stuff, whatever, whatever, whatever. Wow. I am so happeeeee! Hahaha! I am overflowing with giddiness right now.

Next on my list is setting up my Nokia 5630 Xpress Music and everything connected to it, software and shit. I have to organize all my music. They are all over the place. I also have to get down to ripping music from all my CDs and organizing them properly. I haven’t figured out my Ovi suite just yet. Gosh, I think I am having an OC-ness attack. *straight face*

I am also looking forward to having a new laptop. I will probably see that HP TouchSmart laptop in my dreams for nights to come. I hope to be able to install Photoshop CS4 on it. I have been working on CS2 forever and that’s just isn’t right. Hahaha!

I just remembered that I have been trying to save for a Nikon Speedlight SB-600. I guess that will have to wait. I may have enough money to buy two SB-600s right now but I will forego buying one so I can have that new laptop. Ahihihi.

I am so giddy right now, I believe I will pop that Harry Best and Shabang cd into my player and bob my head away. 🙂