I have been totally pre-occupied with de-cluttering my life, err, my house lately. I have taken to ripping all my cds into mp3s and hoping to get rid of the actual cds one way or another.

We have been pre-occupied with house-hunting too the past two weeks and that has made me think that I should not have a lot of stuff to pack and move, that I should not fill up the new house with stuff and that it would totally be awesome if I could adopt a zen theme or at least a zen attitude towards the new life, err, new house.

So anyway, I dug up all the cds, at least the ones that are here in the Pasig apartment (not counting the ones that were left in the Taguig condo) and have been ripping all day today and maybe until tomorrow and found my old, old Jewel cd – the first album!

I like this little bit of poetry from the cd sleeve.

Upon Moving Into My Van

Joy. Pure Joy. I am
What I always wanted
to grow up and be
Things are becoming
more of a dream with
each waking day –
The heavy brows of Daily Life
are becoming encrusted
with glitter and the shaking finger
of consequence is
beginning to giggle
Grumpy old men
have wings
Bums sport halos
and everyday dullness
has begun to breathe
as I remember the
incredible lightness
of living

I love Jewel. I listened to this first album for what seemed like forever in my old walkman until someone gave me her second album as a birthday present. I listened to that too for what seemed like endless hours that involved me drifting in and out of sleep. Hahaha! The last Jewel album I bought though was This Way and have not bought any of the others. Maybe I will think about getting the rest.. Maybe.

I remember we used to pass around her book of poetry in the U.P. Rep tambayan, back when it was still in Vinzons Hill. Maybe I will think about getting that book of poetry for myself too.. Maybe.

For now, I will listen to her old music, ponder on her little bits of poetry and watch her old videos. I miss the old Jewel. 😐