This house-hunting was actually initiated by my in-laws, with them insisting we see a house-and-lot for sale in Project 4 three weekends ago. If not for that, we would have never gone into serious house hunting.

One could say that prior to that first tripping, we always thought a house-and-lot was something out of our league – at least the brand-new ones. It’s something like buying a car. A brand-new car, out of our league. A second hand one, yes. So after looking at a 249 sq. m. lot with a bungalow for P3.8M and a 217 sq. m. lot with a bungalow for P3.7M in Project 4, we realized that there could be other houses out there that are within that range.

A second weekend was spent looking at house and lots in the Cainta area where we saw a 300 sq.m. corner lot with a bungalow for P2.9M, a 150 sq. m. lot with a two-story house for P3.4M and a 90 sq. m. two-story townhouse for P2.2M. Any one of those houses could make a good choice, if not for the fact that flooding is commonplace in that area and Ryan was totally traumatized by our Typhoon Ondoy experience.

The succeeding days were spent looking at ads, discussing pros and cons of various villages, looking for particular areas in the metro where house and lots were, 1.) cheap (very important)  and 2. there was no flooding (very very important if the house does not have a second floor).

On this third weekend, we were supposed to look at three houses. One in Project 6 near Mindanao Avenue, another in Filinvest and the last one being this house and lot being sold in Buenos Aires St. in the very village we live in right now.

Ryan said he had a good feeling about the house in Filinvest so that was what we were gonna look at first. We went to look at the house… and did not make it to the rest.

Instead, after leaving Filinvest, we went to U.P. to have some isaw, dropped by the U.P. Rep tambayan and walked around the Sunken Garden for a little bit hoping to catch some of the Travel Factor people supposedly playing Ultimate Frisbee. We didn’t see them though. Maybe we weren’t looking hard enough or we had the wrong time.

The house was quite hard to find. It was many gates into Filinvest, many turns, many up-streets and many down-streets. It was at the end of the world, err, the lane – which was unnamed by the way.

The green house facade is not that impressive. No, actually, it was not impressive at all. It didn’t have any immediate neighbors though and that made my anti-social self happy.

The house technically has two stories but it has a could-be-independent basement and a roof deck. There’s a guest room and a bathroom on the ground floor, a small balcony on the second floor as well as two bedrooms with a common bathroom and a master’s bedroom with it’s own bathroom with a huge bath tub and a walk-in closet. What?! A bath tub and a walk-in closet? Yeah!! When I first opened the door of the master’s bedroom and had my first look inside, I thought, “Ugh, they call this the master’s? It’s small!” and then I opened the bathroom door. 😐

We went up the wide roof deck where I walked around, looking at the sparsely populated village, with a house here and there, as well as the rolling hills while the breeze blew my hair around my face. I thought, “Gosh, this must be it…”

The house is not perfect. In fact, it is badly in need of a paint job as well as some window and cabinets repairs. We didn’t get to look at the basement because the caretaker said it was tenanted and it seemed like this tenant in question was sleeping as of that moment.

This house may not be perfect but we liked it’s over-all layout. We loved the roof deck where we could envision parties and family gatherings occurring. We liked how it was surrounded by trees and greens and how the fresh air blew in through the windows and made the entire house cool and airy. We liked how we can imagine Lia having her own bedroom and the little brother who has not arrived yet will have the other. For the meantime, I can see myself working in that room – bright and sunny, facing the street, right next to the little balcony.

Around the village, the houses are far in between and the streets are quiet and empty. I can imagine Lia riding her bike up and down the streets and playing in the playground at the back of the clubhouse.

Descriptions and imaginings aside, the paperwork is a mess. Right now we are at a loss on how we will be able to purchase it. We can only cross our fingers and hope.. hope that everything will come together in the end.. and that we will be able to come home to the house at (almost) the end of the world, err, at the end of the yet unnamed lane in the middle of nowhere where there are huge spaces to feel free and the fresh air blows through the swaying branches of trees and bowing grass on the fields.