Ryan had so wanted to go to our friends KC and Tin’s wedding, to be held at the Chapel of Transfiguration in Nasugbu, Batangas. KC is actually more of Ryan’s friend as they were college thesis groupmates. Ryan had been talking about it for months. We already accommodated it in our January plans. We even postponed going to La Union to surf because of it.

The day before the supposed date, Ryan had a haircut and even bought a new shirt and tie. I did the laundry and cleaned the house because my in-laws were baby-sitting Lia for us while we went to the wedding. After bringing Lia with us to three weddings, we have finally decided that it is quite difficult to bring the baby with us to such an event.

We started preparing for the wedding at about eleven in the morning. We left the house at one in the afternoon, had lunch in the Shell complex along SLEX and got to the chapel at three thirty in the afternoon. We found ourselves in the middle of the homily and heard the priest address the couple, as “Bong and Valerie.”


Ryan said, “Wrong wedding. Maybe they’re at Chapel on the Hill.”
I said, “But we passed the chapel on our way here and you saw it was empty.”
Ryan, “Lemme call KC”
Me, “Why don’t we check the invitation first?”

So we went back to the car, got the invite and read,

Chapel of Transfiguration
January 16


Enough said.

Here is a secret of mine: I absolutely hate going to weddings. I only go to weddings of friends that I love so much. If I can beg to defer from going to any wedding, I would; but I went through all the trouble, getting dressed, driving all the way from Manila to Batangas, only to find myself twenty-four hours too late?! I could not speak for miles. I could not imagine how such a thing could possibly happen. What kind of stupidity is involved in a failure as big as blocking the wrong date.

Of course, since we were already there, what else could we do but hang around Tagaytay for a little bit?

So we bought buco tart at a little store by the side of the street. We thought of getting coffee at either Cafe Breton or Starbucks; but we passed by Taal Vista Hotel and I saw a sign for a coffee shop. We went inside but found the coffee place full. Instead, we went to the little weekend market at the hotel’s viewing deck and bought espasol, ube halaya and passion fruit juice concentrate.

It was drizzling for a bit, the wind was blowing and it was friggin’ cold. The view was not that good but we took photos of ourselves anyway. Might as well. 😉



We couldn’t find Cafe Breton so we ended going to Starbucks – and boy, was it full! It was overflowing with kids, babies, grandparents, mothers, fathers, teenagers and friends of all sorts. I have never been to a Starbucks that full and with a lot of kids too! Starbucks was grossly understaffed so there were dirty tables and even napkins and cups on the floor.



Caffe Americano



I have been wearing Ryan’s coat to keep myself warm and was thankful for the tiangge right by the parking lot – where I bought myself three bonnets. Bonnets I have been planning to get and have not found the time to go to the mall to buy. Thank God for tiangges! I doubt that I would have found the desired bonnets if I had gone to the mall. So here I am posing with my hot Cappuccino in my hands and my brand-new bonnet.


The Cappuccino was so hot I burned my tongue when I took a sip but it did not keep my fingers from freezing in the cold, drizzly, windy Sunday afternoon Tagaytay weather. We decided to head home.


Our in-laws asked us to get them pineapples so we stopped to get them some. I had wanted to get some mangoes and mangosteen too, but at P150 and P300 a kilo respectively, I had to change my mind. A peddler came to my window though as I was waiting for Ryan to buy the pineapples and offered me 6 packs of tawilis for P100 – and that I did get. Fried tawilis would be nice for tomorrow’s breakfast, I thought.



Ryan took the Skyway on the way back and we were home by seven in the evening. I was really tired and unhappy. I can’t decide what exactly made me almost-depressed, the missed-wedding, the cold or the fact that I am soooo skinny I can’t stand 21 degrees Celsius weather. It’s more likely the last one. I hate my skinniness. *cry cry cry*

(The espasol is really special though. I highly recommend it. Hahaha. They even have a contact number. Special Espasol, 5 pieces for P100; 0917-883-7395.)