In addition to this past weekend’s being the first surfing trip for this year, there were also many other firsts.

First time…
…to be away from Lia for more than half a day. Prior to this trip, the longest I have been away from Lia in the nine and a half months since she was born, was only a few hours. Half a day at most.

…to try on my short board that my friend PJ sold to me

…to surf at the point in Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union

…to try on new swim suits.. test for sturdiness against crashing waves and all that

…to get wiped out, to think that I am close to drowning, to panic, to swallow sea water, to get out of water due to over-fatigue.

Yeah, hahahaha.
Lots of firsts on this weekend. Photos to follow. More story later. I am still tired. 😐 And my body all achy-breaky…