You don’t really have to surf. Hanging out and enjoying the action from the beach is perfectly fine.


The sand in this beach moves from one side to the other depending on the season. At this time of the year, the rocks over by Little Surfmaid are exposed while the sand is by the little pier on the other side.


Dad plays with the kids in the setting, warm, afternoon sun.


While PJ plays on the beach with her 4-month old handsome golden retriever, Fabio.


And this has got to be my favorite photo for this trip, how sweet! 😛

I take time to snap a photo of this pretty little boy with the golden hair. 🙂

I was not really taking a photo of this skinny girl, I was trying to take a photo of the point where I had surfed for the first time this weekend and had both a blast and a scary time BUT this girl was in the way. Might as well. 🙂

Just look at how far I had to paddle to get to the line-up, which isn’t even in that photo because it’s still farther to the left. I just wanted to show the kind of waves that pummeled me every time I paddled back to the line-up. 😐

I could’ve surfed on the beach break, just like this guy. No, not this on the right who is also in my photo’s way, but that one guy on the left making a pretty good job of paddling out.

If I got pummeled on my way out at least I had some sand to step on every now and then, instead of swimming my darnedest best, with the results of having to feel like my legs are made of lead afterwards. Ho-ho!

Yes, I wanna be cool like this guy. Or maybe I am already. Ho-ho! 😐

And this is my fish, that I can’t ride yet. Ho-ho! 😐

In time, my dear, in time….

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