Fifteen days after gallivanting in Bicol, with a flight to Legazpi from Manila to catch a glimpse of Mt. Mayon and the resort town of Sto. Domingo, frequent trips to CWC, a three-day escapade to the Caramoan peninsula, a flight from Naga back to Manila to recharge, only to embark on a three-day trip to Cebu and the little island of Malapascua, I am now back to regular programming.

That is, if regular programming means a ton of laundry, a messier than usual bathroom, a floor in dire need of a mopping, sinks and kitchen countertops begging for a good wiping and ahem, overwhelming fatigue with simply thinking about the amount of work I need to do. Hah-hah-hah!

To tell the truth, it is good to be back. As it always is. There is something comforting with being back to regular programming. I have a tendency to miss housework when I’m out for a certain amount of time. In fact, it could actually be conjectured that I resented the maid (when we still had one) for the simple fact that she took the housework away from me.

I did, as always, brought home about a thousand photos and a hundred little stories from my nearly two weeks of travel; but they will have to wait. Like any obsessive-compulsive person, I find it difficult to work when things are not in their proper places; meaning clean clothes folded or hanging in the closets, toys and accessories in their respective baskets, trash in the city dump – yes I’m that forward-looking.

This is my way of saying, there will be no new posts in the travel site, no new photos posted to my Flickr account and you will have to watch little kitty sing Happy Birthday again and again (if only out of sheer boredom) until the house is back to what I have determined as the “proper order”. The definition of what is and what is not considered as proper order of things in this house is solely my privilege, after all, I am empress and this is my empire.