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March 2010

Separation Anxiety

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Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety

Children with separation anxiety panic and cry when a parent leaves them, even if only to go into an adjacent room. Separation anxiety is normal for infants at about 8 months of age, is most intense between 10 and 18 months of age, and usually resolves by 2 years of age. The intensity and duration of a child’s separation anxiety vary and depend partly on the child-parent relationship. Usually, separation anxiety in a child with a strong and healthy attachment to a parent resolves sooner than in a child whose connection is less strong.

Read more from the Merck Manuals Online Medical Library

Do all babies experience separation anxiety?

Yes, to a degree. At certain stages, most babies or toddlers will show true anxiety and be upset at the prospect — or reality — of being separated from a parent. If you think about separation anxiety in evolutionary terms, it makes sense: A defenseless baby would naturally get upset at being separated from the person who protects and cares for him.

In many ways, attitudes about babies and separations are cultural. Western countries tend to stress autonomy from a very early age. But in many other cultures, infants are rarely separated from their mother in the first year of life.

Regardless of the origins of this normal developmental stage, it’s frustrating for babies and parents. The good news is that separation anxiety will pass and there are ways to make it more manageable. And in the meantime, enjoy the sweetness of knowing that to your child, you’re number one.

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This is Me Today. This is My Story.

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I forced myself to get out of the house, like totally. I forced myself to leave the house without Lia because I was stagnating at home and I did not feel like doing anything at all and I needed some inspiration or perhaps I needed to force myself to do something, anything, just so I can force myself to do the things I actually need to do.

Ahhh, so many things to do, so little concentration. There is enough time, there must be, the problem lies in my concentration. The ability to be efficient with whatever time I have in my hands. Sometimes I’ve got so many things in my mind, so many things I want to do yet I cannot find it in me to actually do it, that I end up just lingering in Facebook, or Twitter or Multiply, or forever checking my mail while the clock ticks away, and then I find myself at the end of the day with nothing to show for.

So today, I forced myself to bring myself to the nearest, most accessible, least energy required Starbucks and I’m now sitting at a table outside, typing away a blog that perhaps will not make sense in the end but will at least give me something to show for, and will provide an avenue for my fleeting, raucous thoughts.

I’m sitting here thinking to myself that I cannot afford this coffee I am drinking, thinking about my lifestyle and the lifestyles of other people and thinking that everything is all a matter of choice. Sometimes it appears I have a lot of money, for someone who doesn’t have a real job, with purchases such as this and that, and travel to so and so places, but as I’m sitting here, listening to unfamiliar wonderful music emanating from this coffee shop’s loudspeakers, I think about the last time I bought myself a pair of jeans, a pair of petty I just-bought-myself-this-pair-out-of-whim shoes, the last time I had a facial or how often I have been to a salon for a mani-pedi or a hair treatment, and the answer was its been a long time or few and far between. I live my life simply, as simple as I can and I like to think I work hard enough for any purchases or anything I ever get for myself.


36th Wedding Anniversary

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Some days are unproductive, not because you did not do anything but because all your efforts turned out to be in vain.

My daughter has been clinging to me like a jellyfish the past few days, ever since the day I came back from my three whole days of absence because I needed to work. In addition to that, she always wants to go out. I am happy to say that she is totally uninterested in television and seems to be more of an outdoorsy person but I’m not too happy about this always-wanting-to-go-out thing.

Separation anxiety

Separation anxiety

Today I decided I was gonna go out and take her with me. We went to the Land Transportation Office in Pasig, right by the Ynares Sports Arena at the Rizal Capitol. (You may also click here if you’re wondering how to get there.) I was supposed to get a student driver’s permit, only to get there and be told that the person in charge of permits only go to work in the mornings.

Since we were already out and Megamall was not too far out, I decided to go over to Columbia Photo and check on my Nikon D80, which I have brought to the shop for cleaning and check-up March 4th. They gave me my job order form with a number to call for follow-ups, a number which I have been trying to get through for the past weeks to no avail. I get there only to be told they did not have my camera, that it was still at the main office-service center and that it is waiting for a part that was as of that day unavailable. I was told to call after Holy Week to inquire if the part is already available. Nothing about when it’s going to be released back to me. I have not had a camera in more than a month. It stopped functioning properly February 17th, in that boat from Guijalo Port in Caramoan back to Sabang. I am hoping I would have it back in time for Lia’s birthday party eleven days from now or even for our trip to the island of Calaguas eighteen days from now.

I went home P282 poorer in fares with nothing to show for.

Today is my parents’ wedding anniversary. They were married in 1974 and now 36 years later, they have 4 kids and 3 grandkids to show for all those years. We had dinner at Gloria Maris in SMNorth, a mall I have not been to in more than three years.

Sky Garden SM North

Sky Garden SM North

While walking through the shops of the Sky Garden, we passed by Starbucks and I spotted my old boss sitting at a table. I have been trying to get in touch with this old boss for the past weeks too, because I needed to find out what he still needed from me for him to be able to sign my S/Y 2007-2008 clearance. I was told I needed to submit all the printouts of my reports and a documentation for even at least one activity I did in that whole year I worked for him. Yes I’m supposed to submit documentation for something I did two to three years ago; and this is expected of me despite the devastation the Typhoon Ondoy-brought flood wrought upon me. Great, just great. I have to do it nevertheless, if I want to get my hands on my last month’s salary. In my poverty-stricken existence, I can use some of that.

I guess this blog content doesn’t have anything to do with the title. I’ll retain that title nevertheless.


Lia’s Neighborhood Friends

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I have been dying to post these photos, as well as videos, but I have not had the time. I have been really busy coping with changes with work as well as Lia’s really fast development(!), not to mention getting used to my new Mac, so I have not had a lot of time to sort photos or post them.

I have yet to post the photos from last month. To tell the truth, I have yet to find the time to organize my folders and files in this Mac, and all of my files from my old laptop are still in my Western Digital portable hard disk. If (God forbid!) I lose that hard disk, I lose everything I have ever had.

These photos were taken March 19th, one Friday afternoon when we had our usual walk up and down the street. This time though, instead of hanging out with 16-month old Javi, Lia got to meet the older neighborhood clique.

Let me clarify that I did not take these photos. One of the girls was always holding the camera. Yup, they took turns. I just insisted that they wound the strap around their wrists at all times, just as a precaution for when and if they drop the camera.

They said, “Oh what a cute baby! Let’s make her sit on the sofa!” and then later on, “Let’s give her this baby to hold!”

Lia is normally a bully with all the other babies she thinks are her age, like 16-month old Javier and almost-two Gino and even three-year old Otep; but she went along with everything these girls said and made her do.

This had me saying, “Oh my, my baby has a baby!”

Of course they wanted to take photos of themselves. Lia didn’t mind being literally squeezed in the middle. In fact, I think she was still game for this photo op.

And one of them said, “Let’s all hold her! I’m gonna put her on my lap!”

I told them after about thirty minutes that we were going home, but they followed us to our gate and still took turns carrying Lia. I told them she is heavy but they didn’t seem to mind.

I do believe I’ve got a tolerant baby girl.. Either that or this expression was a silent plea for help.

I loved watching these kids at play. I love watching Lia interact with other kids. That’s also one of the reasons why I am very much looking forward to her birthday party where she will get to meet other and hopefully a lot more kids. I’m just hoping this party won’t be as stressful as I think it’s going to be, hah-hah-hah!


A Print A Day.. or Perhaps, a Quote A Day

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So I tumbled on to the sites Lizzie recommended and tumbled on and on, until I got to this one site and something caught my attention. I have always been a fan of South American writers. I love this idea…

Sometimes you encounter beautiful passages from a favorite novel that you want to share with your friends or loved one. Why not inscribe them on a personalized greeting card?

These days who actually sends out greeting cards?

But I do love those lines.. it wasn’t really the lovely cards, but the lines… you know I’m all about words lately. I have never had my own copy of any of Coelho’s or Marquez’s books but I have read a good many of them.

Oh I remember, I did buy that “Veronika Decides To Die” but some guy borrowed it and he didn’t get the chance to return it to me before he hid from everyone he knew and the world [as we know it].

As I was writing this, and adding links as is my usual practice, I googled the book and found out that it was adapted into a film in 2009 starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. I wonder if it will be released here in the Philippines. Here is a link to the film’s entry on Wikipedia.


Work vs Theatre

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I have been really busy the past week. I even imported my parents’ housekeeper to Manila to help me out with all the things I needed to do. My family had quite of a bit of a hard time adjusting to my busy schedule. I suppose I did too, as I was taken by surprise by the amount of time I needed to accomplish everything I found myself involved in.

Too busy that I did not make it to the last show of Tatlong Mariya to which my favorite teacher in the whole wide world actually took the time to send me a text message to invite me to go and watch it over at CCP. I must admit I was really touched when she said, “I remembered you because I know you like [Anton] Chekhov“.

To tell the truth, I was invited three times. First on February 20, to go see it with Nick and Kalai, but I was in between traveling from Bicol and to Cebu and I was in need of some rest time at home. I had so wanted to go but I was having dinner with my forehead on the dinner table, just to illustrate the extent of my fatigue. 😐 The second time was supposed to be for March 12, upon the invitation of Via Antonio.

I was even supposed to catch PETA’s Juan Tamad in the morning and Tatlong Mariya in the evening, but alas, Ryan had to work as it was a Friday and I did not have anyone to leave the baby with.

I got myself two jobs actually (in addition to the job I have now, which is Professional Housewife slash Domestic Diva) and of course it goes without saying that I cannot have that many jobs if they are all full time. I am now officially a freelancer. I am some sort of technical writer slash researcher in this company where my friend works. I get to work from home so I can still see my baby all day long except that she had a hard time adjusting to the fact that I had a little less time for her, or should I say, she did not have my 100% attention 100% of the time, which was what she had the past 11 months.

I also applied for a job as a part-time researcher/writer in this other organization another friend works for and I got the job! I did not expect that there will be an overlap in these jobs so I had a bit of a hard time juggling my work loads.

It’s just funny how I stayed “close to home” by working for companies or organizations where my friends are at.

What’s even funnier is now that I am actually doing some real work, I have taken to taking public transportation (i.e. jeepneys and tricycles) in my efforts to save money. I jokingly told my friend Kalai, “Gosh, mas sosyal ako nung wala akong trabaho!” because I have to make sure what I spend in doing these jobs (i.e. going to the office for a briefing, a meeting or a workshop) is significantly less than what they pay me, lest I end getting paid just for my expenses and not the actual work I do.

I do love my new jobs, especially the one with CEC as it keeps me closer to the world of Biology and the environment that despite my work in theatre I have not forgotten or neglected or despised(!).

I am still a Professional Housewife and my daughter is still my number 1 priority so I make sure all these other activities are secondary. In fact, I did not do any kind of work yesterday to make up for the three whole days I was away from home. Nor did I do any kind of work today as we brought Lia to Blow Up Babies in Gateway for a photo shoot. I used that voucher I got from the Good Housekeeping magazine (wow, what a housewife) I bought last week, which entitled us to a free 1 hr photo session worth P500 and a P200 discount on their printing services (which was P900 for the standard package and P1,900 for the theme package. Yaiks!!!) Anyhow, we will be back next week for Lia’s prints. No, we don’t get a soft copy. 🙁


Walls: Inspiration for Today

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During my boring little parts of the day, I take a moment to find some inspiration from either Stumbleupon dot com or  Tumblr (specifically this one particular site that I’ve blogged about before) and from then on, just tumble onto one website to another.

Today I tumbled on to this site and was just simply blown away. This is also because we are buying a house soon and I am always on the look out for design ideas. Just like that Ligne Roset Togo sofa I got from Summit Media‘s Real Living magazine.

Walls and more walls.. simply inspiring simple walls in wonderfully refreshing designs and colors. Oh, love!

This, I think would be really nice for Lia’s bedroom…

Moon Girl

… Or this one perhaps….

Moon Boy

Moon Boy

I was thinking this would make a nice accent to my home office wall because I like those splashes of red on the birds. I was thinking the little splashes of red would make me feel hungry every time I look at them – and that should be good because sometimes I forget to eat when I’m working.

Birds on Branches

Birds on Branches

This one should make a great accent on any wall! Maybe a random hallway or the stairs landing. The color reminds me of my friend Mia who was my awesome seat mate in Natural Science class in college, who loved the color purple and who just got married recently and will soon be a mom! (Welcome to the mommy club Mia!)

Flowers on the Wall

Flowers on the Wall

Maybe this one on the dining area wall..? I just love how those branches cascade.. I love anything that cascades in fact.

Weeping Willow

Weeping Willow

This also made it to my short list but I’m thinking that it’s too feminine. I’d rather have a more neutral design. If I were single and childless and living in a tiny condo, I’d definitely get this instead of the one with the birds.

Plum Flower

Plum Flower

Lastly, if we had a living room wall to spare, I’d definitely put this up, but our living room will have lots of windows on one side, the door on the other and the other wall should be reserved for that 32-inch LCD television set I am just dying to mount on the wall. Hahaha. Hey, dreams are free, aren’t they?

Golden Calla Lily

Golden Calla Lily

So, to see more of these beautiful wall decors, you may click on the images. Or may visit the following sites:

Wow Wall


OrqueShaw’s Wall Decors


The YOUniverse

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I am taking a moment from all these writing, typing and being a mom who is feeling all guilty about not giving her daughter the usual amount of attention the past few days and even guiltier about not being able to stay in the house with her for the next four full days because of a work-related workshop somewhere in Quezon City to post something that should be inspiring, thought-provoking or at the very least, eye-pleasing.


Levels and Curves: Photoshop Tutorial for Beginners

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For someone who is always just trying to learn how to use the Photoshop, I am always looking for online tutorials. Since I consider this site as my own personal [online] notebook, I post about things I think I would want to come back to when I have forgotten or at any time I need it. For easy reference, so to speak. A faster alternative to googling.

I have yet to review my photos from last night and decide which ones I want to post and which ones are better left for myself (haha) and I thought about finally doing the “Levels vs Curves” thing. I found this interesting tutorial and I’m posting it here primarily for myself and secondarily for others who would find this useful for whatever purposes they have.

Levels and Curves sounds awfully complicated…can I do it?

If you are shooting digitally, with a digital SLR in particular, these are two of the tools that you should be finding yourself using a lot, levels and curves, especially if you shoot RAW.

Digital SLR’s, as I have mentioned elsewhere, produce a flatter image than your original film SLR or digital point and shoot. With film, these kinds of corrections were done for you at the processing lab and because “point and shoot” cameras are aimed at the mainstream market (who want nothing to do with the processing), they produce instant, bright and bold images straight from the camera.

By manipulating the levels and curves of an image, you can quickly and easily replace the brightness and colour to your images with great effect. Let me illustrate this for you.

Proceed with the tutorial…

I also found another helpful site:

Photoshop Levels versus Curves: Which Should You Use?

I’ve written previously about both Curves and Levels in Photoshop, and readers that are familiar with both are no doubt aware that there is a reasonable degree of overlap between them in terms of capabilities. Since both can adjust white point and black point as well as overall brightness, which should you use?

Read more here..

Hope this helps anyone who is interested! 🙂