After three hours of painstaking yet exciting (big smiles all the way) efforts of searching the internet for images, figuring out how to layer and basically work my way around Photoshop CS4, I finally finished Lia’s “Save The Date” card.

I was actually supposed to go to bed early, like 9:30 pm early, but I sat down one last time to look at some clipart images and I just found myself working until the entire card was done. I couldn’t have picked a better first Photoshop CS4 project on my new Macbook Pro. Hooorah! Hoorah! I feel like a pre-schooler who just finished her first hand painting project. Hoorah! Hoorah!

The card is actually already kinda late. I should be working on the actual invite. After all, the event is a month away and yet I have not done anything to prepare for it. Nothing at all yet! Dang, pressure is building up! Haha!

Now that I have this little card done, I can go to bed with a smile on my face. Aaaaah, the feeling of accomplishment, I have forgotten what that is.. until today. Big smiles all the way!

Lia's Save The Date card