Today was another day for a meeting although its not work-related (That was yesterday and tomorrow). I met with Lia’s First Birthday Party planner at Starbucks in Eastwood City Walk and now have a clear overview of how the party will be. Now there is a venue, a caterer, a cake and almost everything else! I only need to finalize the menu and the final head count before signing the contract. One less (huge) thing off my mind, thank God for that!

While Ryan was inside the cafe chatting with the planner and going over the details, Lia and I went for a walk outside. Lia kept coming into the People Are People store and had her eye and her hands on a shiny, sequined, all white top. I had to tell her that we were in a store for people like Mama and Papa and that we would go to a store for babies like her later on.

Plains and Prints Store in Eastwood City Walk 2, Libis, Q.C.

Gosh, my baby looks so tiny there! 🙂

People Are People Store in Eastwood City Walk 2, Libis, Q.C.

We ended shopping for her birthday party dress instead at Baby Fashionistas in Eastwood Mall. We had our eyes on a particular dress the last time we were at that mall but we said we had to have Lia with us so she can pick out a dress she likes and have her fit it.

We went into the store and had her try that dress on. She loved it so much that she objected when she had to take it off. We told the store keepers we will go to another store on the other side of the mall before we make a decision.

But Lia had already decided. So we left the store Periwinkle empty-handed and came back out of Baby Fashionistas with a shopping bag and P1,400 poorer. She loves that dress though and that is enough to put a smile on my face. 🙂

The dress second from left is what Lia picked out.

The dress second from left is what Lia picked out.