After almost four months of being househelp-less, I do think it is time to get one, again. In my entire married life as well as my entire mommy life, I have had a maid slash yaya for only five months.

I keep saying that it was so much easier to take care of the baby when she was younger, meaning, the only things she knew was to eat, sleep, pee and poop. Now she can do this:


I like mixing my things with my mama's. They make for great floor decor.

and this:

Mango Slush Fest

I love ripe mango. I love it on my clothes and all over the floor. It is great for practicing swimming on the floor.

and a gazillion other things.

I do not want to keep tidying and arranging and re-arranging things over and over again, two to three times every single day. Lia is now a proficient walker, which I should be thankful for since really, I can no longer carry her in my arms like I did just last month. She is waaaay too heavy now. But Lia being the efficient walker she is, always wants to go out the front door as well as the gate. She wants to run after dogs and cats. She wants to open cabinets and take out clothes and linen. She wants to open the kitchen cabinets under the sink and take out all the cleaning materials as well as the tools out of its box. She wants to play soccer with the dog. She wants to ride her bicycle. She wants to climb up the stairs, up the chairs, up and into her crib, and up into tables. She wants to get her hands on everything and empty baskets, boxes and bookshelves.

A few days ago, as I was buying myself a new computer chair, I was tempted to hoard Lock&Lock plastic containers into which I’d keep every single thing little thing in this house in – just so she would not be able to get her hands on them.

I need househelp now – if only to tidy up the house.