I have been really busy the past week. I even imported my parents’ housekeeper to Manila to help me out with all the things I needed to do. My family had quite of a bit of a hard time adjusting to my busy schedule. I suppose I did too, as I was taken by surprise by the amount of time I needed to accomplish everything I found myself involved in.

Too busy that I did not make it to the last show of Tatlong Mariya to which my favorite teacher in the whole wide world actually took the time to send me a text message to invite me to go and watch it over at CCP. I must admit I was really touched when she said, “I remembered you because I know you like [Anton] Chekhov“.

To tell the truth, I was invited three times. First on February 20, to go see it with Nick and Kalai, but I was in between traveling from Bicol and to Cebu and I was in need of some rest time at home. I had so wanted to go but I was having dinner with my forehead on the dinner table, just to illustrate the extent of my fatigue. 😐 The second time was supposed to be for March 12, upon the invitation of Via Antonio.

I was even supposed to catch PETA’s Juan Tamad in the morning and Tatlong Mariya in the evening, but alas, Ryan had to work as it was a Friday and I did not have anyone to leave the baby with.

I got myself two jobs actually (in addition to the job I have now, which is Professional Housewife slash Domestic Diva) and of course it goes without saying that I cannot have that many jobs if they are all full time. I am now officially a freelancer. I am some sort of technical writer slash researcher in this company where my friend works. I get to work from home so I can still see my baby all day long except that she had a hard time adjusting to the fact that I had a little less time for her, or should I say, she did not have my 100% attention 100% of the time, which was what she had the past 11 months.

I also applied for a job as a part-time researcher/writer in this other organization another friend works for and I got the job! I did not expect that there will be an overlap in these jobs so I had a bit of a hard time juggling my work loads.

It’s just funny how I stayed “close to home” by working for companies or organizations where my friends are at.

What’s even funnier is now that I am actually doing some real work, I have taken to taking public transportation (i.e. jeepneys and tricycles) in my efforts to save money. I jokingly told my friend Kalai, “Gosh, mas sosyal ako nung wala akong trabaho!” because I have to make sure what I spend in doing these jobs (i.e. going to the office for a briefing, a meeting or a workshop) is significantly less than what they pay me, lest I end getting paid just for my expenses and not the actual work I do.

I do love my new jobs, especially the one with CEC as it keeps me closer to the world of Biology and the environment that despite my work in theatre I have not forgotten or neglected or despised(!).

I am still a Professional Housewife and my daughter is still my number 1 priority so I make sure all these other activities are secondary. In fact, I did not do any kind of work yesterday to make up for the three whole days I was away from home. Nor did I do any kind of work today as we brought Lia to Blow Up Babies in Gateway for a photo shoot. I used that voucher I got from the Good Housekeeping magazine (wow, what a housewife) I bought last week, which entitled us to a free 1 hr photo session worth P500 and a P200 discount on their printing services (which was P900 for the standard package and P1,900 for the theme package. Yaiks!!!) Anyhow, we will be back next week for Lia’s prints. No, we don’t get a soft copy. 🙁