So I tumbled on to the sites Lizzie recommended and tumbled on and on, until I got to this one site and something caught my attention. I have always been a fan of South American writers. I love this idea…

Sometimes you encounter beautiful passages from a favorite novel that you want to share with your friends or loved one. Why not inscribe them on a personalized greeting card?

These days who actually sends out greeting cards?

But I do love those lines.. it wasn’t really the lovely cards, but the lines… you know I’m all about words lately. I have never had my own copy of any of Coelho’s or Marquez’s books but I have read a good many of them.

Oh I remember, I did buy that “Veronika Decides To Die” but some guy borrowed it and he didn’t get the chance to return it to me before he hid from everyone he knew and the world [as we know it].

As I was writing this, and adding links as is my usual practice, I googled the book and found out that it was adapted into a film in 2009 starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. I wonder if it will be released here in the Philippines. Here is a link to the film’s entry on Wikipedia.