Ryan and I came home at seven-forty five this evening to see our daughter still awake, almost two hours past her bedtime, just because she was waiting for us. Earlier this afternoon, she had clung to me like a jellyfish when she saw that I was preparing to go out. Only when I told her Mama needed to work did she let me go and only after I told her, “You know Mama would be back”. That was after I gave her like ten goodbye kisses and after I let her wave goodbye at me outside our gate. It was totally heart-warming to see my little one wait up for me. All my worries and stress all disappeared into thin air when I saw a big four-toothy smile light up her face.

I left the office a little before six. I thought about going straight to Eastwood where I was catching Ryan for a ride home, or dropping by this nice BookSale outlet I happened to chance upon one crazily hot afternoon when I was looking for a taxi after going from one Starbucks outlet to the next at the Araneta Center, all in the pursuit of a refreshingly cool “tall blended whipped cream mocha frappucino”.

I decided I was gonna be a “No day but today” person and walked a few blocks to the little store to get my daughter some books. I came home with nearly-P700 worth of books. 🙂

I got her these nice board books at P85 each.

Spring Fever! A Petal Tab book by Salina Yoon

12 pages of shimmery-petal pages filled with ladybugs, bumblebees, blue birds, butterflies, frogs and ducklings and a bright yellow sun. It would be nice to flip through this board book in the morning.

Lullabies Under the Moon by Giovanni Caviezel (Author) and M. Pledger (Illustrator)

12 pages of Little Bunny hopping off into sleepy time.

Product Description:

Little Bunny loves to play, and bedtime always comes too soon! But it’s always nice to say goodnight as Mother hums lullabies under the moon. Snuggle up warm in bed with Little Bunny and go to sleep to the comforting sounds of your favorite lullaby with this book and CD.

Good Night, Leo A Swashbuckling Adventure by Charise Mericle Harper

24 pages of adorable little Leo transforming from pirate to sleepy-head.

Product Description:

IT’S TIME FOR BED, and Leo must get out of his pirate costume and into his pjs, and as he removes each item of clothing, Leo fondly says good night. (“Good night, green bandana . . . Good night, red and white shirt . . .”) Meanwhile, his friend Teddy has other plans as he gets ready for a swashbuckling nighttime adventure. Young readers will love seeing Leo transform from pirate to sleepy-head with a cute surprise ending. This charming good-night book also teaches colors and object identification.

This book actually reminds me of another of Lia’s books…

Flip-A-Face: Big Little

Product Description:

This original and inventive book focuses on parts of animals’ faces, transforming big owl eyes to little chick eyes, pointy tiger teeth to nibbly mouse teeth—all with a flip of a die-cut page. These clever and changeable faces will delight both babies and grown-ups alike.

I got another board book for only P40.

Little One, God Made You (Inspired by The Purpose-Driven Life)
Written by Amy Warren Hilliker and illustrated by Carol Thompson

I loved this one the moment I saw it because it was very simple and it had little things that Lia and I could do… and illustrations of things Lia and I do.

God made you to love you, little one. There’s no one like you, no, not one.
No one has your tiny nose… Or your wiggly, squiggly toes..
No one has your silly laugh.. When you splash in bubble baths..
When you’re crawling or you’re creeping
While you’re skipping.. while you’re sleeping..
God made you to love you, little one.

Okay, I suppose I will post the other books I bought some other time, since all this looking at board books about sleeping is making me sleepy. I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow and I best be sleeping now.

I have not even packed! (panic mode) Maybe that’s just my subconscious expressing its non-desire to leave my little one. I am still very much pissed off with the Nikon service here in the Philippines. I am becoming more and more pissed off as each day, no, week, passes. I have a friend’s wedding to shoot tomorrow and I have no camera! I have got my schedule all messed up tomorrow to accommodate my borrowing of my sister’s camera.

Okay, I better go back to looking at these board books to get me into the calm, sleepy mode.