As evidenced by the absence of blog posts the past week, I have been out of town and been generally busy.

Three days after Ryan and I’s trip to Calaguas Island and Bagasbas Beach in Camarines Norte, Lia and I boarded the ITI plane to El Nido, Palawan – Lia’s first trip ever to El Nido and mine’s after two whole years.

In El Nido, I visited close friends all over town, old haunts, hung out at the beach, did island hopping, reconnected with the school which was my home back in 2005 and 2006, saw my old students and attended the graduation of my then-2nd grade advisory class from grade school. It has been 4 years since I last taught at Potter’s Place School and my, how my students have changed – both physically, emotionally and perhaps, psychologically.

We came back two days ago, on a sunny Sunday morning, to a generally empty house, well, at least in the food department. 😐 The rest of the day was spent  resting slash sleeping and driving around the metro to pick up the househelp from my sister’s house.

Yesterday was a day of work, meetings left and right. I even managed to drop by my friends’ house to supposedly pick up a cheque for some freelance work I did a few weeks back before finally heading home.

This morning, I interviewed a maid applying to work for us. My househelp right now is a maid I borrowed from my parents’ house all the way in Bicol and she has to go home within this week to be able to catch up on her summer practicum. My parents send their maid to the local state university. The new househelp is going to start working for us this coming Sunday.

All day today I have been trying to work on this new website that I plan to add to my portfolio as I do some work on this new website I have been recently hired to do admin and research work for. Yes I am a busy person now. 😐

We have been working on the papers for the new house the past weeks and the paper work is almost done. We already have keys to the front doors and the only things left to do is clean the house up and move all our stuff. If it was up to me, we would have moved last weekend, except that I was not home. We thought about moving this week but Ryan will be out of the country on a business trip all of next week and he does not want us to be all alone in the new house. Superstitions dictate that moving to a new house should be done on a full moon and on a date that has a number that goes upwards instead of downwards when written, i.e. 0 and 8.. as opposed to 1 or 7, but we cannot move this week. We have decided that we will move on the 10th, after he arrives from Ireland.

Having mentioned all that, I am now sitting in my work room, kinda messed up and overwhelmed at all the new things that will come my way this month. New websites to work on, new househelp to train, new house to clean and organize and ahem, my 28th birthday is less than a month away.

It’s going to be one helluva month. I am now at a loss for words.