Unlike the wedding in 2006 when we did every single little thing ourselves, from sourcing suppliers down to writing on the invite envelopes, I did not want to deal with anything DIY for Lia’s birthday. Not because we can afford it but because we could not afford the time, all the effort and energy needed to do it all ourselves. Or even do it all MYSELF since this party was my idea anyway and it was what mothers did for their kids. So I looked all over the internet for kiddie party packages and stumbled onto the Cinco de Mayo Events site on Multiply. Out of all the packages Google got for me, from Metro Manila all the way to Cebu(!), Cinco de Mayo Events had the lowest kiddie party packages with almost everything I needed or wanted.

This was the package I got my eye on (send PM on their Multiply site to get the price/s)

Cinco de Mayo Package Cuatro!

• Birthday tarpaulin banner with celebrants name
• “Party is here” tarpaulin
• 2 Clown Magicians
• complete party handling
• party hosting
• facilitating game proper
• balloon twisting
• funny magic show
• handles show in taglish
• 30 pcs themed nametags
• 30 pcs themed party hats
• 30 pcs personalized theme invitations
• 30 pcs flying balloons with colored ribbon curls
• 10 game prizes
• 1 supreme piñata with candies
• 1 pabitin with 20 prizes
• 1 fishball cart/dirty ice cream cart
• Glitter body art or face painting or nail art
• 2 pcs 6 ft balloon pillars

The stage and cake/cupcake table

Stage with the 6 ft balloon pillars, the birthday banner as well as the cake table

I knew I wanted games for the kids, even though I knew there would not be a lot of them coming to the party since most of my friends’ kids are still relatively very young, but what is a kiddie party without the games? And I knew I did not want to facilitate the games or do the hosting myself. I knew I wanted face painting, balloon twisting and a dirty (or Mabuhay) ice cream cart too.

I was not too keen on having the clowns having never really liked clowns myself and Fats Roxas and I talked about having someone dressed along with the theme instead of clowns, like a fairy for instance, though that did not really come about. On our initial meeting Fats asked me what theme I would like to have, though I was explicit about the garden, flowers, butterflies, bugs theme, she asked me if I wanted an Alice in Wonderland theme – and to that I said yes. Though in the end, we did not get the fairy. Instead we got someone with a bunny headband if I remember correctly, and that was it. Turns out, the party host who had an Alice in Wonderland costume ready suddenly could not make it and they had to make do with a replacement.

I did not see the “Party is Here” tarpaulin outside and I don’t remember seeing a magic show but the guys doing the balloon twisting and face painting were absolutely fabulous! They were great at doing the designs and were very fast too. The face painting was a bestseller! Next to the buffet, it had the longest line. Compared to the buffet table, it was never empty during the entire duration of the party.

Tita Kristelle and Kria

Tita Kristelle and Kria

I also asked Fats to take care of the birthday cake as well as the cupcake souvenirs for me so that I didn’t have to think about it anymore. The cupcake and cake table looked good, and so did the cupcakes. I just didn’t get to eat any of the cupcakes but I got mixed reviews about them. My sister said it was bad while the others kept coming to get more cupcakes. One of my friends said the cupcake she was supposed to bring home didn’t even make it home.

Cupcakes token

The cake was a disappointment because it was a plain-looking chocolate cake bought from Red Ribbon. I was told one of the waiters accidentally dropped the original cake and they had to make do with a replacement on such short notice. Good thing there are malls (like Megamall, Shangri-la and Podium) close to the party venue and the replacement cake made it in time for the party. I just keep wondering how the original cake looked. I’m sure it must’ve looked nice.

Mama blowing out the candle for Lia, photo by Cheekay Torres

Fats also did a good job with decorating the place. There were a lot of balloons and the guests enjoyed bringing all of them home. There were so many in fact, that we had to leave some at the venue.

The ice-cream cart was also a best-seller and the people manning the cart were very polite. They even thanked me as they were leaving.

The games and the hosting could have been improved. Perhaps it was the host’s first time to do a kiddie party. As they do more of this kind of event, they would undoubtedly get better and better. The over-all party handling was also very good. Some of my concerns, like the photo booth starting out an hour late, were not actually a shortcoming of the event handler but a problem with the security at One San Miguel Avenue (OSMA) Building.

For the price and the absolutely-worry-free party that Cinco de Mayo Events afforded me, I would definitely recommend them. Fats Roxas is very easy to work with, very nice and very accommodating. If I had any more events in the future, I wouldn’t hesitate to have her handle it for me again.

Cinco de Mayo Events
Website: http://cincodemayo.multiply.com/
Email: cincodemayo.events@gmail.com
CP: 0922-8149191.