As a result of today’s horrifyingly huge failure at work, I have come to the realization that aside from a planner slash organizer, a daily check list of little goals to accomplish is now an absolute necessity.

I used to just go about my day doing whatever came to mind. I used to say I do not need a planner as there is nothing to write except:

  • Do laundry
  • Iron
  • Clean bathroom
  • Bathe the dog Ewok

…once a week, and

  • Clean house
  • Take care of baby

…day after day after day after day.

Now I’ve got “work” coming in from all directions, though mind you very few of them are actually “money-making”, and I find myself in need of some serious time management skills.

Indeed, failures are nothing but lessons we need to learn, for as a result of today’s failure, I realized a lot of things.

This is now a portion of my very new daily checklist:

  • edit and upload 10 photos to Flickr
  • blog one entry on angkulet dot com
  • devote 1 hr to reading on photography
  • devote 1 hr to reading up on/studying web design
  • devote 2 hrs to working for CEC
  • devote 2 hrs to working for Teatro Pilipinas

That is at least the ideal check list. I know I must make little adjustments for other things every now and then but this gives me a general idea on how I should “work” on a daily basis to prevent work from piling up, to prevent cramming and stress and most importantly, to prevent failures (which brings stress not only to myself but also to others.)

Notice the absence of anything related to housework. I now have househelp to do all those things for me as I absolutely do not have time for it now. Sure, having househelp helps me do other things that can be considered more important but I am still primarily wife and mom so I must make sure that the household is still run as well as it should be. Sure, having househelp helps me do other things that can be considered more important but having househelp can be a source of great stress too. I must make sure things are done according to how they should be done. I have to make sure the househelp do not do the things I do not like, like hanging out with the neighbors’ househelp, watching TV all day (or when they are watching TV, I must make sure I have no aversion to whatever they watch and that when baby is up and about, the TV is tuned to her channels and not the househelp’s), texting or talking on the phone while watching the baby, and least of all, just sitting around and not doing anything at all.

This is the life of a wife, mom and freelancer – a life I must get used to. There are a lot of adjustments and there are a lot to learn, and I will get there, hopefully sooner than later. I must make this work without people suffering. I must make this work, not just for me, but most importantly, for my baby who I have to admit is the only thing in this world that can make me as happy as “happiest” can be.