Some days, I sit around thinking about and waiting for something, anything to blog about. On the days that there can be so much to blog about, I do not have the time. That is my irony.

In the middle of many projects, profitable or not (though hopefully if not profitable now, may be profitable in the future), I find myself in a whirlwind of so many events.

Jobs, though welcomely surprising, are pouring in left and right. Something I definitely did not expect though certainly hoped for! I had a feeling 2010 was going to be a good year and it seems like my feeling is going to be right – and hoorah for that! (I am this ecstatic that I find myself writing run-on sentences or passing off phrases as a real and acceptable sentence.) I will be busy week after week after week.

Ryan was supposed to leave for Ireland for their second quarter team meeting, and although I would have rather not blogged about this event, I find myself doing so only because I want to share one little woe (yet again) about being Filipino. Ryan and his two other team mates are supposed to be flying to Ireland tomorrow morning, but today, he called the travel agency to ask them to cancel their flights. They are not going for the simple reason that they did not get visas. Ireland does not have an embassy in the Philippines – the closest being in Singapore. Visa application was done as early as March and today, almost two months later, their passports have still not been processed and returned. My information on the main reasons is a bit foggy as it has been obtained second-hand but from my understanding, it had something to do with these:

One of the many disadvantages of being a Filipino is this inability to go to almost any other country, other than members of the ASEAN, due to the absence of or failure of obtaining a visa. I will not go about mentioning the many other disadvantages because that is not what I am blogging about, but I am just mentioning this little turn of events because…

… as a result of Ryan’s failure to obtain a visa in time for tomorrow’s scheduled flight, he will not be gone for the week, and because he will not be gone for the week, we do not have to wait for him to come back from Ireland before moving out of our rented apartment where we have been living in for the past 14 months and into our newly purchased yet not new-home, and we are completing the move out within this week.

That being said, we have one more week left here. We have decided we will have the big moving truck that will haul all our big possessions like cabinets, beds, couch (or the remainder of it), tables and chairs (or the remains of it, as well.. you all know we were unfortunate enough to experience the phenomenon that was Typhoon Ondoy), and appliances over on May 8th, Saturday – which incidentally will be my sister Jasmin and her husband’s 5th wedding anniversary as well as my brother Melo and his wife Jaz’s 1st wedding anniversary.

One week from now, we will be moving out of Pasig and into Cainta. We will finally have something to write in the space for “Permanent Address” when we fill up forms. Instead of my writing in an address in Pili, Camarines Sur and Ryan writing in an address in Sampaloc, Manila, we will be writing in something that has Rizal at the end. My oh my. *silent laugh*

It’s going to be a a big change, but hopefully, a good one. Now perhaps I will spend the next few days blogging about sentimental thoughts about homes, houses and a myriad of little things, but then again, maybe I will be too busy to even write a single word down. We shall see, shan’t we?