After years of moving around, from my mom’s 36 sq.m. condo unit in Taguig, to the rented 2-bedroom, 2-storey apartment in Pasig; and months of house hunting, we finally found a house-and-lot we could afford. After weeks of working on the paper work, signing bank documents, cleaning out the house we are moving into and moving in little bits of stuff we own one day at a time, we finally saw the day when the rented movers truck loaded what (little) possessions we own and drove to the house we will now call our home – the place we will now call our permanent address.

This is us leaving…


It was yellow...

… the middle unit apartment we rented for sixteen months.

I am glad we are finally out of this apartment. More than the fact that we now own a house that we can truly say ours, I am happy that I do not have to pay for exorbitant water bills that amount to as much as P3,000 in a month, not because we use a lot of water because God knows I don’t even take a bath everyday hahahaha, but because the landlady refuses to have the busted water pipes fixed. In this heat and drought, and in the midst of the El Nino phenomenon, it infuriates me to think about the gallons of clean water wasted everyday. *really sad face*

We had the movers take the heaviest and bulkiest thing we own, which just happened to be Lia’s cabinet, and I didn’t know whether to be amused or feel sorry for her, when Lia, upon seeing two men carrying her cabinet out of the door, madly scrambled to run after them, out the door, out the gate and into the street, even tripping in her effort to run after her cabinet. My poor little girl, “Where are you taking my cabinet?!”, a determined and alarmed expression on her face. I had to tell her we were taking everything out and loading into the truck so she would stop worrying. After about thirty minutes, she was helping out, carrying little things in her arms and hoisting little things on her shoulders. That happened to be the memory I will cherish the most out of the “big move”.

This is us arriving…


... and then it was peach!

… in the house we now proudly call our own.

A 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom, 2-storey house-and-lot in a little village in Cainta, too little to have its own tricycles, and which, Ewok, our nearly 3 yr-old shih tzu and our one-year old daughter will also call their new home.

I am not too happy about the house’s facade, especially its color, but having it redone and repainted will have to wait. We have the monthly payments, as well as repairs and furniture to think about first.

No, we did not move to the projects, we moved to what will be Ryan and I’s big project for the coming years. Finally, we can buy the furniture we like without thinking about how we will move it to the next apartment, we can buy home decorations and not think about how we will put it up on the walls, we can paint the rooms in whatever color we like and make renovations as much as we like, if we can afford it.

Ryan says he does not have a birthday gift for me this year but this house is his birthday gift. Thank you, it’s a very nice birthday present.


The empty house before we moved in.