I have no record of what exactly was the first ever photo our beloved and departed Nikon D80 took but this happens to be the last photo it ever took.

Guijalo port, Caramoan, Camarines Sur

This photo was taken on February 17, 2010 using a Nikon D80. - Flickr

Did I ever tell you what happened to our Nikon D80? I did tell you about what I did to my (also beloved) Olympus E-500, the first ever DSLR I ever owned, but I guess I did not get to tell you what happened to our Nikon D80.

Let me tell you what.

Actually, a few months before it finally died on me, we were having issues with its ability to read the battery charge correctly. It would tell us the battery was empty even when it was fully charged but we’d somehow trick it into reading correctly by turning it on and off repeatedly very quickly. We knew there was a problem, and at first we thought it was the battery, so much so that we even both an extra one, but we didn’t really do anything close to bringing it to a service center for a check-up. That’s actually one lesson learned: If you own something this expensive, you better take care of it.

Henrys Camera receipt for the Nikon D80

Henry's Camera & Photo Supply receipt for the Nikon D80 dated September 2007

I brought it with me and Lia on our last trip to Bicol. It was working fine, from Manila to Albay to CWC to Naga and all the way to Caramoan. On February 17, 2010, we were on the boat in Guijalo Port, Caramoan bound for Sabang, San Jose, when I snapped a photo and then the camera went dead.

I managed to bring it to Columbia Photo Megamall on March 4. I was told it would be brought to the main service center located in San Francisco del Monte, Q.C. for an assessment. A week later, I was informed the camera needed a part replacement. I was quoted a total of about P5,000+ and was told the part would take 3 weeks to arrive since it will have to be ordered from Japan. Holy Week had to be counted  off the 3 weeks so a month and a week later, Nikon technician tells me the part had arrived, they had opened the body and found more parts needed to be replaced. The new quote was something close to P14,000.

I had my friend’s wedding to shoot as favor on April 16th and a trip to Calaguas Island on April 17th. I needed a camera so badly that I withdrew my 18-135mm Nikkor lens at the service center and borrowed my sister’s Nikon D40.

Three days ago, technician called to tell me the latest part they had ordered from Japan had arrived, they had opened the body further and found out that the damage is extensive. “The board is insect-damaged, I tried my best to clean out the board from which the juices of fried ants had stuck but the board is too damaged. Besides, it is also water-damaged,” technician explained while in my head, memories of many many trips to the beach, surfing, snorkeling, island-hopping etc. etc., flashed by really quick. Hahaha. “If you will opt to have this repaired, it will cost you a total of about P24,000,” and my jaw dropped of course, “And in that, my recommendation is: just buy a new camera.” And that was it.

I am looking for a new body. Since I love my 50mm f/1.8 lens, my only options are a D90 or a D300. I am looking for a second-hand body because I simply cannot afford a brand-new one. I will be on the look out on my mailing lists as well as forums for one. Aside from that, I also have to save. I am looking at at least P40,000 for this. 🙁

Our D80 and I had a great and relatively long life together, I have a lot of photos to remember it by. I will miss you my camera, but I hope, not by much. 😛

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