Music One in Greenbelt 3 had this corner for World Music and I remember going there (I have not been to Greenbelt in years..) and literally lusting after all those nicely-colored and beautifully-designed covers of their CDs and of course, wondering at what kind of amazing music it contains. The CDs were more expensive than the usual and I could not afford them.

One time I was walking mindlessly in Glorietta when I saw this little shop that had a CD clearance sale and lo and behold, they had some of the World Music CDs I have been lusting after! They were still at P250 each, if I remember correctly, so I only managed to buy four. Add that to the other CDs I bought for P150 each and that had me walking away from the little shop with about P1,500 worth of CDs.

I simply could not pass this up: Alternative Love Songs.

I was cleaning out my home office last night and I found the card inserts on the CDs lying around. It told me I could mail it in or visit the website – and of course, visit the website is what I did.

What an amazing website. I love, love, love the colors of course! And the usual beautiful designs. Even more so, I love the fact that you could tune in to Putumayo Radio. I am now listening to it as I write this blog and bobbing my head up and down, mind you, or maybe swaying it from side to side. 🙂

These are the CDs I own (which I have already imported to my iTunes so I can enjoy them more):

African Groove: Technology meets tribal beats on this funky blend of contemporary African dance, electronica, hip-hop and funk

The remote Cape Verde islands offer a unique and exquisite blend of music with influences from Africa, Portugal and Brazil

North African Groove: Join the funky musical caravan from Morocco to Egypt for a non-stop celebration of North African dance music

Native American Odyssey: Contemporary music from the indigenous peoples of the Americas

Click on the images or the titles of the CDs to be directed to the site where you can listen to sample tracks. 🙂

I signed up for their newsletter and I checked all the boxes! I told them I was interested in all their music! I think I better get Putumayo Kids music very, very soon too! Nothing in there inquired if I could afford it though. Well, well, at least I can always tune in to the Putumayo Radio if I feel the need. Like today, today, I very much feel that need. How about you? How about some world music for the soul? Or more specifically, Putumayo World Music? Enjoy everyone! 🙂

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