It’s been some time since I last posted anything mommy-related and I figured today is a good day as any. Lia’s favorite things now include brooms, dust pans, laundry brushes and her favorite activities are sweeping the floor, brushing sheets and walls to name a few.

Cleaning is what I love best

Here is a link to the video of sweeping Lia on Youtube.

Not to mention wearing her Mama’s clothes, trying to put on her Mama’s shoes

and walking on them, putting on Mama’s bracelets, necklaces, earrings and even applying lip balm on.

Hello, hello?

She loves talking on the phone and texting like she knows what she’s doing, holding the phone with her two hands, fingers on the keypad, with a serious expression on her face, eyes all squinted on the screen.

I don’t need to say she loves typing on the laptop and doing anything she could possibly do to get her hands on the laptop and the pen so she could “write” on the Bamboo tablet.

Playing with Tutu

Playing with her best friend Tutu, the not-so-little lamb

I’ve got my own mini-me now and how I absolutely love it.