After 11 years of living in Manila, I finally have a permanent address to speak of. Along with the acquisition of a permanent address came the right to have a landline. So, after 11 years of living in Manila, I finally have a landline.

We wanted fast internet access to go along with our landline of course. Our first choice was Globe, but we were told their landline services do not cover our area and that they could only provide us with internet with a maximum speed of 1 mbps (also called Wi-max). That was just not enough. We wanted a landline.

So we waited patiently for PLDT, and one early Sunday morning, I woke up to find a PLDT technician installing a phone line. The modem came a few days later, and that same night, the wireless router also came home.

DLink Wireless N 150 Home Router, P2,000 at —

I am now a proud owner of a landline, a Plan 1,995 DSL connection with speeds up to 2 mbps and wireless internet connection anywhere in the house.

Speed test results

Because of that, I do not know what to do with my postpaid Sun Cellular wireless broadband. It’s at P799 per month unlimited. It has a burstable speed of only up to 2 mbps but it’s what I use when I go to my other offices and I can’t find a reliable wi-fi connection, or more like there is no free wi-fi connection (Yes, Starbucks I’m talking about you). We pay for the landline and also the internet, which totals to almost P3,000. Do I have to pay P799 more for my Sun mobile internet? Or do I have to give up going to my other other other office/s?

In other news, because I now have a landline which basically affords me to make countless (also known as repetitive) calls to other landlines, I have finally come around to following up my refund from PETA Theater for a workshop for Production for Children’s Theater that they cancelled due to insufficient number of participants. I have been told I can claim the check at their Finance office next week. Hoorah!

In line with that, I can also now afford to make repetitive calls to my old workplace just to ask if my old boss, whose signature I need for my clearance, made it to work that day. Yes, my clearance is well on its way. After all, I did buy a brand-spanking new printer.

Canon Pixma ip2770, P2,195

I just find it ironic that my old printer, a Canon Pixma iP1700, was also bought a little over a year ago for the same purpose – which is to print my clearance documents. A year and empty ink cartridges later, I still haven’t printed my clearance documents. That’s alright I guess, because some of those I actually got to print got ravaged by the great flood that was Ondoy.

I do think this is going to be my practice: buy a new printer instead of buying new ink cartridges. For my Canon Pixma iP1700, a color ink cartridge costs P1,200 and a black ink cartridge costs P1,100 – for a total of P2,300. A new printer with ink included, like this one I just bought, costs P2,195 – and its brand spanking new!

My environmentalist self is not too happy though with this reality. That I have to buy a new printer every time I empty an ink cartridge. I now have a total of 4 old printers waiting to be disposed of, properly of course. My carbon footprint is increasing and that makes me unhappy. So if any of you know any proper way I can dispose of these things, please let me know. I also have other electronic stuff to dispose of, like my old walkman, cd player, speakers and even chargers. I saw one of those little plastic recycling booths from Nokia at the ABS-CBN building last time I was there and it even had keyboards inside it. I was tempted to drop my stuff there too, but I thought, wouldn’t Nokia be pissed off with my burdening them with my Sony and Canon stuff?

I was tempted to get me one of those 3-in-1 little machines: printer, scanner and copier. The store I got the Canon printer from was also selling a 3-in-1 HP for P3,400 and a 3-in-1 Epson for P3,700. I thought about having to scan the brochures I get from everywhere that I mean to post on my travel site instead of taking photos of them, as well as the tickets and souvenir programs I get that well, I want to have digital copies of for the sake of blogging and the 3-in-1’s were just tempting. I have not had enough research about these things though, and I came in there to get myself a new printer so I can print my clearance documents, so I walked away with nothing but a plain brand spanking new printer. I think though next time my ink cartridges go empty, I am definitely walking out with a 3-in-1 little machine.

I still have to get my hands on a new Nikon body for my lenses and all these printers and internet stuff just had to get in the way. No matter. Maybe next week. Now, I should stop blogging and work instead. 😐