I just got home, hurried on my way home really because it was already really late and I have not been with my daughter since 9am today which was the time I left for work, and I am doing all kinds of things.

One, I had to eat dinner. I totally neglected to eat dinner in the midst of the activities for the day. Like a day-long crash-course workshop on Restoration Ecology, a follow-up on my expired contract, my pending tasks, and not to mention a long taxi ride from Kalayaan Avenue, Q.C. all the way to CCP to catch the 8pm show. The entire time I am getting text messages from my boss asking me to try to go see all the Labfest shows if I am free; my analyst, asking if I got her email with the new worksheet I have to work on; and lastly, my husband asking me what time I am coming home. Gosh, spell B-U-S-Y today.

Two, I had to go check on my admin duties for the web portal because when I spoke to some of my friends I bumped into tonight, one of them told me she had already filled up the Directory Submission form the same day she read the Facebook PM I sent. My, my, the entire time I have been telling myself and my boss that no one is filling up the Directory form… and maybe that’s because they are turned off by the ugly website design? (Emphasis on the question mark there). So I check my dedicated work email address if it’s working the way I set it up, like please-forward-all-my mails-from-this-to-my-gmail! thing, tested the directory submission form myself and found that they are all working fine. Darn, where’d the other forms go??

I went on my admin panel and found out that I do not have access to all of the Forum administration functions. Note to self: must.inform.the.web.developer.

I wanted to tweet and blog too about how much I liked Balunbalunan, Bingibingihan – the only play of the three that I saw tonight that I liked. Kudos to the director, playwright, cast and staff. I’d also like to congratulate Vitalstrats Creative Solutions for a great poster.

Virgin Labfest 6: Balunbalunan, Bingibingihan poster

Although I like the fact that the playwright for “Isagani” looked like someone who frequents Embassy – and that says a lot since I am used to seeing the playwrights looking like they didn’t even want to get out of bed, I really do think that some directing approaches are best done for the melodrama-crazed viewers of television and some cliche lines and acting are best left for other places other than the theater stage (Why? Because we have seen it all before way too many times and we are frickin tired of it). We want to see something different. If we wanted to see the same old shat, we would not bother going all the way to CCP when we could see the same thing in the comforts of our own sofas in our very own living rooms.

Riki Benedicto’s take on Carlo Garcia’s play for some reason reminded me of Issa Manalo Lopez’s “My Padir is an OCW” of Labfest 3. It evoked the same feelings and sentiments in me, in that it seemed to me too long and had too much needless going-on. Even the best of scripts turn to mush in the hands of a reckless director. While it is great to have all of your friends as cast in your play, that is not an excuse to make a joke of the entire play and take for granted the fact that all your friends are actually among the most professional stage actors today. That seems too harsh to say especially for someone who seems to be growing well in his craft through the years. My personal sentiment is that I always think that as professional actors, you are entitled to have fun while you work. Actually, you are supposed to have fun because in the theater world, we all know we do this work out of passion and love and not monetary gains. It’s just that being professional actors, we lowly ones want to see how it should be done and we want you to show us. The last thing I want to see is another version of the U.P. Repertory Company’s “Cruise my Heart” – not that I’m saying that play was bad. It was good in its own university-student level, with twisty plots, tenuous lines and inside jokes, and haphazard all-over-the-stage blocking. “Bakit Wala Nang Nagtatagpo sa Philcoa Oberpas” started out like a very promising all-star cast play only to plummet down into boring pandemonium in a matter of minutes. It came out as much of a disappointment.

I will be in CCP for the next days and I hope to see better plays. I do have a habit of walking out on plays that I find too boring or too disgusting for my own sensibilities (the Filipino version of DUP’s Lulu makes for a good example).

I did see Gibbs Cadiz sitting in the top row of the seats by stage left, armed with a notebook and pen (or pencil?), and that only made me wished I had my own too. For what? I have no idea because the last thing on my mind is to do objective theater reviews. Maybe to make doodles on for those times when I wish I wasn’t sitting right there enduring capricious plays. That would surely distract me from my usual walking-out-of-here tendencies.