Congratulationsssss…. to me!!! One year of blogging and learning and all that! If you ask me if this blog makes money, my answer is NO, not at all. In truth, my adsense tells me I have made $1.90 so far – quite a lot right?! 😛 (Why don’t you help me out by clicking one of the ads every now and then?!)

But you know, that’s alright. I didn’t put this site up to make money. In fact, I never really make any real effort at promoting this site to make money. If I do promote it every now and then on twitter and facebook, it’s because I want to share my thoughts or my stories. I don’t make money out of your visiting my site, because my adsense is set up in a way that it only makes anything if you actually click on the ads – and the ads are just there to fill up the empty spaces on my right navigation panel.

I put this site up so I can have my true-blue-very-own site where I keep everything and anything I want to keep a record of (that I don’t mind sharing with others at least). I put this site up to consolidate everything I have online – which was prior to this, was scattered all over in various sites. When I put this site up, I liked to think of it as an OC-ness attack.

I put this site up so I can learn WordPress, HTML and CSS. It has been so far, my own personal learning ground and live project where I test all kinds of plug ins and web-related stuff like design, maintenance, plug-ins, SEOs and so on and so forth. So far, it has been such a great learning experience!

It took me a week or so to decide on the final design of this site and perhaps it took a month to get it all together (like fonts, padding, images). I had basically wanted a site design that I would like looking at again and again and again.. and never get tired of. I had wanted it as OC as possible, with pages arranged in one area, my categories neatly lined up in one area for me to see and for easy navigation, my posts in clean boxed areas and neatly separated from one another, my widgets in their own boxed areas as well on my navigation panel, and so on and so forth. I had wanted it as clutter-free as possible and yet not very restrictive. I had wanted it to reflect my personality, which I suppose is kinda boring(?) now that I think of it. *laugh laugh laugh*

Since today is our first anniversary, I thought it’s a good time (or more like a good excuse) to change my site design and layout. And I think I found just the design! I have installed it in my themes folder and all that is left for me to do is “Activate” it and make the necessary little changes. Only problem is, I’ve just been struck with a little sentimentality and now I can’t seem to hit that Activate button. I am quite hesitant to let go of the old and rah-rah-rah with the new.

But I have to. Change is good. (Right?)

And for the sake of  posterity, I have made screenshots of my site. To remember you by Angkulet dot com June 2009 to June 2010.

It’s quite astonishing how the year whizzed and I hardly noticed! It’s been really fun. I will miss you my old site design. Hopefully very soon I can come up with my really-very-own-as-in-I-authored-myself-WP-theme for my site (and sites as well).

Happy anniversary! Cheers to a great blogging year gone by and now on to another great year! Hopefully at least. 😉 A whole round of coffee cups and milk teas to everyone! XD