Saturday is supposed to be my family day. That is the reason why I did not go to CCP for the labfest; the second reason being that on weekends I can expect that there are more audiences and I did not want to take one more seat since I don’t pay. I say “supposedly” because actually, I worked til the wee hours of the morning for my other project and went to sleep at seven in the morning. I woke up at ten, in time to get ready for Lia’s check-up at the pediatrician. I scheduled a check-up because Lia has had colds for the past three weeks and she now has coughs at night. I have been giving her Cetirizine but I didn’t think it was doing the job. I also slept in the afternoon after we came home, and worked all night last night. (So much for the supposed “family day” hahaha).

So we went to Marikina where her pediatrician’s clinic is located. Lia’s doctor said she has bronchitis and prescribed more medicine, including Salbutamol (an anti-asthma) and antibiotics, with instructions to come back next week if she is still isn’t well. I hope she gets better because if she doesn’t, she might have asthma. Ryan had asthma when he was a baby until perhaps nine, if I remember right, and that increases Lia’s risk of having inherited asthma as it is genetic.

We discussed the possibility of her getting sick because of the weather, humid then rainy then humid etc. etc. and I asked about getting the flu vaccine. Lia has never had the vaccine. Ryan got sick too the past week and so we decided that he and Lia will get the shots the next time we come back, provided the both of them are well and devoid of any colds and cough. Since I was not sick, we decided I will have my flu shot ahead of them so that when it’s their turn, I will be able to take care of them.

The issue of the construction at the back of our house was also brought up since it might also be a reason why Lia is sick. I have been complaining about the construction all the time actually. One, my home office directly faces the building and I find it really hard to work during the day when there are hammering, pounding, drilling and the suffocating smell of paint. Two, the construction generates a lot of dust! Three, they damaged the little roof we have over the outdoor kitchen. Thank God they are almost done! And they were replacing the damaged roof yesterday too. 🙂

Ryan asked me where I wanted to have lunch. There is Bellini’s at the end of the street from the clinic and a Thai restaurant along the street, but I said I did not want to eat at either of them. I asked, “What about Cocina Juan? You willing to drive all the way to U.P. Village?” And that is how we ended driving all the way from Marikina to have lunch at Cocina Juan.

We got there at around 1pm and I had to ask if they were open because I couldn’t see any other customers. We always eat outside but this time, since the place was empty, I decided it would be a good time to try the tables inside. Besides, Lia will want to walk around and do all kinds of things. The last thing we want is to chase after her in the street.

Cocina Juan interior

View of the outdoor tables - Cocina Juan

The window to the left of the door

View of the outdoor tables - Cocina Juan

The window to the right of the door. Our favorite table in sight. 🙂

Because it was our first time inside and I happened to have the camera with me, I took the opportunity to take some shots. The last blog post about Cocina Juan only had photos taken outside.

And of course, snapshots of us too.

Lia with her papa at Cocina Juan

A snapshot of (unprepared) Lia with her Papa

Lia with her Mama in her absolutely no make-up look at Cocina Juan

A snapshot of (almost smiling) Lia with her Mama (in her absolutely-no-makeup-and-i-just-had-3-hrs-of-sleep-look)

I just had a flu shot (which cost me P1,200 by the way) on my upper left arm and it hurts. I was told by the doctor it would hurt for the next two to three days so I better not have any activities that required lifting or anything like that.

The door to the restroom - Cocina Juan

The restroom and an interesting wall decor right next to it, which I happen to like very much.

Wall at Cocina Juan

I love the colors of this place – bright and bold! It reminds me why I want to go to Mexico. One of my friends, Randall Dagooc of MangoRED, went to Mexico for a client shoot and I was envious to high heavens. Hahaha. He posted about 200 or so photos on his Facebook, taken in different places in Mexico, and it had me thinking that Mexico looks clean! Cleaner than Manila actually. I don’t know if that’s true. I forgot to ask. If it’s true, well, we should do something about it!!

Sizzling Hungarian Sausage at Cocina Juan

Sizzling Hungarian Sausage at P115

I forgot to take a photo of the Carne Asada soft shell tacos I ordered (price: 115) because I was busy taking other photos and I only remembered after we had eaten two and a half of the three tacos that were served.

I don’t really like sausage but for some reason, I thought it was a good day to try something I didn’t really like. And I had no regrets. 🙂

This is what Ryan ordered and it was yummy!

Cerdo Vientre Chimuchurri at Cocina Juan

Cerdo Vientre Chimuchurri (Pork Belly) at P185

We were almost finished eating when the waiter came around with this and I said, “We didn’t order any ice-cream”. He said it was complimentary and then he left before I had the chance to ask why! I was actually already full, Lia was sleepy and we were in a bit of a hurry to leave, but I got served complimentary dessert. I love desserts! Actually, sometimes I ate the dessert first at a resto before anything. I had to absolutely finish the ice-cream. After all, ice-cream is something I never say no to.

Ice-cream at Cocina Juan

I don’t really know if this is in their menu. And I don’t know why we got ice-cream. Is it because we didn’t get any nachos? Hehe.

I looked at the photos of Lia we took on our last visit to Cocina Juan, and my, has she grown! We couldn’t tie her hair then. And she wasn’t really walking then. She started walking when we were in Bicol and that was a week or so after.

Cocina Juan happens to be one of my favorite places and I hope one of these days we can come back without Lia, sit outside again and stay a little bit longer to talk about theater and everything in between, just like we did after we watched DUP’s Lulu.


Click here to view the Cocina Juan photo set I have on Flickr.