I am contemplating as to whether I will watch this movie or not. It is coming out next month. If it were just another horror film, I would automatically, without batting an eyelash, firmly say NO. I don’t watch horror films, plain and simple.

This horror film is different though. First and foremost, it is my dear friend Nick Olanka‘s first mainstream film (hoorah! hoorah! hoorah! yippeeee! yippeee!!! rain dance! sun dance! sun dance festival! hahaha), after his successful short film Lunes ng Hapis, his Cinemalaya film Huling Araw ng Linggo, and his running-total-of 4 directed Maalala Mo Kaya episodes. (Nicki, ipopromote ba kita nang bongga? Like isulat ko pa ba lahat ng directorial activities mo, lahat ng plays at pati na mga TVCs at AVPs courtesy of Vitalstrats Creative Solutions? :P)

Cinco, is a collection (or compilation or ano ba ang tama ha Nicki? Sorry di ako masyadong nagpi-pay attention) of 5 short films. Yes, it is in the format of Shake, Rattle and Roll. Nick Olanka’s part might only be 15 minutes but its going to be the climax! (Oh yeah! Climax!! :P)

Okay, now for the second part, it has Marielle Rodriguez, Nanding Josef – who happens to be the current Artistic Director of Tanghalang Pilipino, Arnold Reyes, Ketchup Eusebio… and for the most interesting part of it all, Nicki’s friends from the U.P. Repertory Company acting in bit roles!!! Hooraaah!! Hoorah!! Hahaha!

Yun lang. Yun lang muna ang sasabihin ko, malay ko ba kung iedit-out pa itong mga bit scenes na ito. Hahaha.

Ayoko pa rin manonood though… 🙁

Dilemma much. 😐