I have already set my schedule for watching all the sets, and it was supposedly:

June 29 Sets E & D
June 30 Sets D & F
July 2 Set C
July 3 Sets A & B

But I left home at 2pm on June 29 because my daughter woke up at 12noon and I had to play with her, feed her lunch, give her medicine and vitamins and a bath before I left for a long work day ahead – and I arrived in CCP at 3:45pm. I live in Cainta and CCP is not close at all. If I took a cab, it costs P250 by taxi meter. It’s that far.

And because I missed but the last 5 minutes of the first play in Set E: Banyaga: Twinbill, I have to come back on July 1 – or the photo documentation is incomplete. It’s their last show.

I was supposed to stay yesterday to watch Set F but I had migraine and all I wanted to do was go home with my family and sleep. I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in weeks, it seems. Actually, I didn’t want to go to CCP today either. I had migraine but it was Set D’s last show and I needed to catch it so I can take better photos of Huling Habilin ng Sirena because its lighting is dark and I needed to be on the audience’s side on the left side of the stage for better angles. My husband recognized how important it was that I get there so he drove me, we left the house at 2:23 actually, all the way to CCP, taking with us Lia and the maid since we don’t have a child seat installed in the car.

Lia on the drive to CCP

Lia insisted on sitting on her Papa's lap while we were driving to CCP. This was taken in Fort..

While I was at the play taking photo documentation, they went to Luneta, the Japanese Garden and the Chinese Garden. I wished I was there instead. I have never been to Luneta, the Japanese Garden and the Chinese Garden. 🙁

They were supposed to go home after but they dropped by CCP and we went to Harbor Square to have dinner. Then, while I was there, I started crying hahahaha. Lamenting on the fact that I’m already tired of going to CCP to watch the plays over and over again. Actually, no. I stopped myself from crying. Actually, I was lamenting more the fact that my migraine wouldn’t go away and I could already feel a throbbing at the back of my head.

I have to be at the plays. Not only for the photo documentation but also for networking. As a result of my being there, I have already established some form of contacts for the following:

Tanghalang Pilipino through Paolo Perez
Tanghalang Ateneo and Entablado through Ariel Diccion
DLSU’s Harlequin Theater Guild through Raffy Tejada
Miriam’s TKM through Olive Nieto
Teatro Tomasino through Chona Fernando
Sipat Lawin Ensemble through Nina Bedruz

I have not really been able to follow through on these contacts as I have been really busy but I hope to do so next week. I am very optimistic about this project, Teatro Pilipinas – because I believe in its mission. I am willing to work hard on this – because that’s how much I love theater and I want it to grow. I hope everyone involved would see how important this is for Philippine Theater.

Even if that means going to CCP over and over again to take photo documentation. Even if it means watching the plays over and over again. This is hard work – and I hope everyone sees that.

Today is supposedly a day of rest from me – a rest from going to CCP at least. But since I was late for the first play of Set E last Tuesday and I didn’t get to see Set F last night, I have to go today. Another day away from my daughter, another 12-hr work day. Another day of going through the arduous process of commute, of waiting hours in between two sets, and another day where I leave my daughter to the care of a maid. Just another day for something I believe in, which is, Philippine Theater.