If there is anything to be happy about today, it is that… I taught Lia how to say “door” and “out”.

I had to go home early the other day because I had migraine. I slept very early, like seven in the evening. I woke up at maybe three in the morning because I was hungry and then I got online. A few hours later, Lia was up. I picked her up from her crib and I took her to lay in bed. We all laid in bed for a few minutes.

When Lia wakes up in the morning, the first thing she does is point outside the window, her way of saying, “Mama, its already morning. Look its bright outside,” and then point to the door, her way of saying, “Take me out of that door.”

So this morning as we were laying in bed, I told her, “Tell Papa you want to go out of the door.” I pointed at the bedroom door and said, “Door.” She got up to look at what I was pointing at, and then I said again, “Door”. Lia pointed at the door and said, “DOOR!”

My heart stopped for a moment. Literally, I think. Sure, Lia knows how to say Mama, Papa, Tutu (her best friend stuffed little lamb’s name) and “La na” as well as “Done na..” but this is the first time I ever taught her the name of something and she got it and repeated it.

So I asked her to do it again, “Lia, what is that?” And she said, pointing at the door, “DOOR!” Then she laughed and clapped!

I was just so happy. I am such a proud mama.

I know I’ve said this already and I will keep on saying this again and again, “Lia baby, you are the only thing in this world that is really worth it.”

This morning, I taught her “DOOR” and this afternoon, I taught her “Out” for her to use when she wants to tell us she wants to go out, instead of just banging at the door or just pointing out the window. Her “Out” sounds like “AT” but still, my heart… oh my heart.

Motherhood is the best thing that ever happened to me. And because of that I will never be the same again. I can’t watch any birthing scene in a movie without crying – and I remember how I cried and cried at the opening scenes of Star Trek.

For my daughter, I gave up everything and gained something in return. Something that I would have never imagined I would feel or have. I will be forever grateful. Lia baby, you make my heart bleed even without meaning to, without even trying, with just being you.