I thought the shoot call time was for 7pm so I scheduled my last Lab Fest documentation, which is for Set B, for Sunday instead of today. The call time was moved to 4am for tomorrow – and that afforded me the luxury of spending the entire day with my family at home. And ahhhhhh, it’s good to be home today.

It’s been such a tiring stressful week. Yesterday I went to CCP to document Sets C and A. I had to spend some time with Lia first so I left the house at 2pm. I had initially asked my husband to drive me all the way to CCP so I’d make it. I told him I’d just pay him P250, hahaha. It being a Friday, traffic was bad. On the way to Ortigas Avenue, we turned around and decided I was just going to take the LRT.

I completely missed Suor Clara and more than half of Sa Package Counter, that was how long it took me to get there. I even fell asleep on the LRT2. Good thing I already have acceptable photos of both plays so I didn’t have to stress myself out too much at what happened.

I already found out who Actor23 is and have finally arrived at a conclusion on how to best deal with the situation. I already talked to my boss about the controversial blog, which she has been completely unaware of until today, and I know now where I should stand.

I have three reasons to be happy today.

1. I spent all day with my family. I played with Lia, read her books and magazines, danced with her, fed her lunch, had snacks of ice-cream and an orange together. I have been too busy the past weeks and my family has missed me a lot.

2. I am happy now at where I stand with regards to the blog. I will make a separate entry on it.

3. One of my surrogate families in El Nido, my Mama Rose, texted me this morning to tell me there is a beach front lot for sale.

I was in El Nido last April with Lia for a short visit and to attend my old Grade 2 advisory class’ graduation from grade school. While I was there, I took the time to eat at my favorite restaurants like Sea Slugs and Marber’s; as well as took the time to visit my favorite families and friends. I went to visit El Nido Boutique and Art Cafe but Judith and Tani were in Manila; to see Kuya Loy and Ate Mavic at their little store by the waiting shed; to visit the Moralde family, Teacher Fely and her family, the Mercado families, including the most recent addition to it – little 3 month old Hiraya, to whom I am now godmother. While I was at the Makulay Lodge talking to Likha and Rose, my favorite female teacher calls me to ask me where I am because she needed to talk to me about a project she needed me to work on. I told her I was in El Nido – then she said, “Will you help me get a beach front lot there? I want to retire there.” I asked her if she was serious and she said she was.

So I asked Rose if she knew of any lots for sale. Rose said no and if ever there were around the town, it would be very expensive. Unlike ten years ago. She said lots in Poblacion proper now cost, ridiculously, millions. I told her that we are seriously looking for a lot though and asked her if she may call or text me if she ever hears of anything.

This morning, she texts and calls to tell me there is. She said a 1 hectare (10,000 sq.m) beach-front lot is up for sale up north of town, in Brgy Teneguiban. I asked her about the title and the road. She said the roads are better, that they will do a beach inspection, that she will get copies of the title to have it checked with the registry. The said lot is very, very, very, very cheap.

I told my teacher and now-boss about it as soon as I heard about the news and we addressed concerns that came up. We agreed that if Rose finds the lot good enough, then we will fly to El Nido together and have a look at the place ourselves. We are now overly excited!

When I was living in El Nido in 2005 I had thought about getting my own property too. I asked around and someone offered me a piece of property in Brgy. Sibaltan. My friend didn’t get to tell me about how much it was though because he said he would still ask his grandmother and he didn’t get to bring me there to see the place either. Sibaltan is very far. I had been to Brgy. New Ibajay, where my Potter’s Place School family has a farm, and it seemed really far. I had been to Brgy. Baratuan one time when Teacher Eric, my boatman friend Derrick and I attended their fiesta and their wonderful street parade and performance, and gosh, it seemed really far! (I remember eating lunch at the house of one of the construction workers for Potter’s Place. He was really happy to see us and have us as guests in his humble home. That was a very humbling experience for me).

Rose tells me the roads are better now, with the development in El Nido progressing northwards. The Sandoval airport is being developed as well.

What is great about the prospect of having a beach front property in Teneguiban is that it is the northernmost place of El Nido, and the entire Palawan island. In that, it would be easy to have access to Bacuit Bay on the west, in the municipality of El Nido and Taytay Bay on the eastt and in the municipality of Taytay. The east and west sides have completely different weather patterns. I was told once that if it’s not a good season to go to El Nido Resorts, then it is a good time to go to Club Noah Isabelle, which is in Taytay. (Club Noah Isabelle is now closed and being renovated. It was bought by Ten Knots Development Inc, the same company who owns and operates El Nido Resorts.)

I might even get a property myself – if the papers are good, the road is good enough, the price is dirt cheap – and make myself a legitimate resident of El Nido. Though I am registered as a voter in El Nido and is entitled to the community fare that is about P2,000 cheaper than the regular P6,000+ one-way fare via ITI, I still don’t have my own property or my own house there. I am very excited about the prospect of having, finally, my own beach front lot, in nowhere else but El Nido, whom I have also considered “home” ever since I lived there.

I am happy today. I feel loved. I feel important. I feel at home with everything I have.