The shoot was initially set for 7pm Saturday so I decided I would just catch the last set I needed to document for Lab Fest for Sunday 3pm. The call time was moved from 7pm Saturday to 4am Sunday, to 6am Sunday, and then finally to 10am Sunday. I thought the shoot would not last that long. I thought I’d make it to the 3pm show. I thought wrong.

Nevertheless, we made the most out of situation by having fun together while waiting for takes. We also took lots of photos of ourselves. Here are some of the photos we took at the set of Cinco‘s Mukha on my third shoot day for it.

Thanks to Dan Geromo of The Wonder Boarders and The Discoball for taking the photos that I am in.

Hot office chick

We were there since 10 am, and we haven’t done anything all afternoon. Kat, Kalai, Abet, Dan and I were hanging out by the window of the 11th floor of ABS-CBN’s ELJ Building where a view of EDSA, Quezon Ave all the way to North Avenue could be seen. It was five in the afternoon and the sun was setting. It was a very good and very dramatic light. Thanks Dan for a new Facebook profile pic. LOL

Abet and Angku

Abet and I at our “office cubicles”. Incidentally, this is really Abet’s office.

Office people at Cinco's Mukha

I’m not sure who took this but I remember one of us was trying to take this photo when one of the staff, I’m not sure if it was Barry the A.D., offered to take the photo of all of us. Of course, there is a significant prop right smack in the middle of the photo. 🙂 This is the only photo of all of us “Office People” together.

Direk Nick Olanka

Since Dan also took this, I don’t know what Nick (a.k.a. Zanjoe) was doing.

Nick Olanka

Looking good despite the 36 hr-straight running shoot… (that would become 48) 🙂


A serious moment to admire the beautiful light, and perhaps, even the view. Or maybe, get lost in our own thoughts.

Having a laugh during a break at Cinco's shoot

But here, let us have a laugh together. This is just what we do when we are together. 🙂

At Mogwai

Summer scheduled a 7pm “call time” at Mogwai, to hang out and discuss her ideas and plans of putting up a Geek-themed resto in Cubao X. We did not, of course, make it to the 7pm “call time” but we went straight to Mogwai right after we were told we we’re free! And that is how we, Kalai, Abet, Jet, Dan and Jay who was already there to begin with, found ourselves in Mogwai at 11pm. Summer got there at 1am and we left at 2. Just another long wonderful day spent with dear friends… 🙂

Here are the rest of the photos taken on that day: