All 6 issues of Flow Magazine can be had now at the awesome, fantastic, mind-blowing, jaw-dropping price of P1,200. Or so I was told. Avail at Art Asia or email

I actually have Flow02. I don’t remember how or where I bought it but I got mine for the retail price of P399… So, the price of P1,200 for all 6 issues is a definite steal! I can’t wait to get mine.

I don’t remember either how I got interested in this magazine. I think it’s from one of those times I stayed for hours at a Starbucks coffee shop. If ever it was indeed Starbucks, it might have been during the times I used to hang out at the one in Katipunan – right from across Ateneo. If ever it’s not Starbucks, it might have been Bo’s Coffee Shop in Bonifacio High Street – where I used to stay a lot when we still lived in the condo in Taguig. If that is right, wow, that’s perhaps at least 2 years ago and before I had the baby.

What I love about this magazine is, yes, from the description, it’s all about arts, design and culture! All the things I love so much! The magazine has pages after pages of a wealth of inspiration! When I have the magazine in my hands, I am reminded why at one point in my life (or maybe that point will come again) I became interested in getting a Ph.D. in Media, Technology and Society in Northwestern University. (Just in case you are wondering, click here to view the curriculum for MTS and this is what is required to get a Ph.D.)


Flow Magazine is published by OctoberEighty Publications Inc, which also publishes 100, a business and lifestyle magazine; ROAM, a travel, adventure and gears magazine; Cradle, a pregnancy, babies and toddlers magazine; Playground, a gaming, communities and developers magazine; and, Jolie, a style+pop culture magazine.

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