I saw this on Twitter, tweeted by Flow Magazine, which I follow… and well, it was funny.

Details about Cradle Magazine‘s Happy Baby Photo Contest may be found here if you are interested. You may also follow Cradle Magazine on Twitter or add them up as contact on Multiply. Cradle Magazine is published by OctoberEighty Publications Inc. – the same one that publishes Flow Magazine.

Here is the mechanics for joining the Happy Baby Photo Contest.

You may click here to download the registration form too. 🙂

Anyway, all those being out of the way, let me say why I found it funny – it reminded me of these photos:

Lia at 6 months, in the old apartment

Cleaning is what I love best

Lia at 13 months, doing what she loves best

Lia at 14 months, an avid plant & flowers lover (botanist like her momma)

I love looking at Lia’s uber happy photos. I don’t remember why Lia was laughing like that on the morning of her 6th month, but wow, was she really happy! I miss her toothless days! She looks absolutely uber happy too in that photo of her sweeping the floor. (You may view the blog post here.) And on the third photo, she and her Papa went to the Japanese Garden, and well, she loved the white flowers so much. She looks so happy! She looks a lot like me when she smiles. I love that! Lia is such a happy baby. She’s always been that way… and that makes me a very proud Mama. 🙂

And now I’m thinking… I have enough photos for this contest. Maybe I oughta join!! Hahaha.