Nick texted to ask if I wanted to go to the premiere night, and I said, “Oh wow. Okay. Thanks.” Later on, he texted to tell me that my supposed seat at the balcony had to be given to John Prats. Actually, he called twice but I did not get to answer the calls as I was busy nebulizing Lia who has bronchitis. He told me I would sit with our other friends in the reserved seating for Direk Nick Olanka at the orchestra. I thought that was fine as long as I had friends to sit with. I didn’t wanna be all alone.

Random thoughts:

  • I didn’t really wanna watch because I get scared so easily hahaha. A few years ago, when my “third eye” was accidentally opened because of stress, I had sworn off watching horror films. Yeah, hahaha. This absolutely sounds so silly… but yes, I try my best not to “see”.
  • It’s my big-screen debut after all. My husband told me I should go and watch.
  • I thought since I know it’s just a movie, it isn’t real, I was there myself, there should be no reason to be scared. 🙂
  • It sounded cool to be at a “premiere night”

The past days had been very stressful. My PLDT landline and DSL had simply disappeared Friday at seven in the evening. Lia has had a bad cough and colds since Friday and by Sunday, the doctor had prescribed a nebulizer to help her breathe and eat and sleep better. Monday found us at the pediatrician’s office for check-up and x-rays. This morning, I woke up to a text message that said Lia’s x-ray confirmed she has primary complex and mine showed “suspicious densities on the upper right lobe” of the lungs, and that I needed another x-ray for comparison. My first reaction was to cry and be scared. After all, it’s been a year since my mom had the same x-ray done and a month later, we were told she had Stage 3 small-cell lung cancer. We went back to the clinic to have more x-rays done and was told we would get the results tomorrow.

My husband had not been able to work at the office or from home due to the absence of the internet for the past two days. So this afternoon found us exhausted, sitting around our living room, just talking about things – something we have not done in a long time. It felt like we were living in some remote town, El Nido for example, and we had no electricity and nothing to do. We talked about whether I would go to the premiere, because if I’m not, then he can at least go to work for a few hours. One of us always has to be left home to put Lia to bed, give her her medicines and her Ventolin and Salinase on the nebulizer.

I decided I was going to the premiere night even if it was storming. No other night but tonight after all.

The traffic along Felix Avenue and even Ortigas Avenue was not bad at all. In fact, it was surprisingly fast-moving and almost empty. Until we got to Julia Vargas Avenue – then I was stuck for more than an hour.

When I got to Megamall‘s Cinema 10, there was big noisy crowd, bright lights and booming loudspeakers. It was instantly a headache. Then I could not find my friends. I kept calling them but in the noise, we could not hear each other. It was very frustrating. I regretted coming. I decided I was just going to a coffee shop and have a breather. I needed it badly. I have had such a stressful week that I had wanted to see my friends so much, but since we could not find each other, having a breather on my own was better than not having one at all.

As I was walking away from Cinema 10, I bumped into Josel and we talked about the controversial blog. He told me one of our friends gave him the link because I mentioned Cruise my Heart and he was the one who directed it. Cruise my Heart was actually written by Abet and we mounted it in 2002 if I remember correctly. Cruise my Heart was hilarious but it was also controversial. The younger ones like Babit, Jill, Red, Dax to mention a few did not get to see it but have heard of it. It was nice to see Josel, of all places in Megamall, because I have not seen him in a long time. 🙂

Abet and I in the jeep going back home. U.P. Rep swimming, year forgotten

Also in the jeep with us, Josel: Writer, ABS-CBN: Goin' Bulilit, Banana Split, Eva Fonda, It Might Be You and others

Josel told me to come back and see the movie, since I was there already. By then, Roma already sent me Red’s cellphone number and I have been told where to find Red. I was just not too happy when, finally after getting in, I find out that I don’t have a seat anymore. Marvin, Jill and I had to share seats. It was not a good experience at all. I did see Nanding Josef sitting with us on the last row of the orchestra – and that made me feel a little bit better. If anybody deserves to be sitting in the balcony, it should be him, but there he was sitting with us in the orchestra as well.

It was great to see the entire movie, see what we did in its final form and also see the other four short films. We all agreed we liked Enrico Santos‘ Paa starring Jodi Sta. Maria best, save for a few details here and there.

Nick Olanka did a great job at directing Mukha, since it was very good visually but we have to say that the material he was given was not as good as we had hoped. Nick did his best though and came up with a film that we could all be proud of. We are very proud of you Nick Olanka.

We all got together after the movie, save for Nick Olanka himself who had to stay for the interview at the cinema lobby. We had a late dinner at Reyes Barbecue at St. Francis Square Mall because no other establishment was open. Our actual intention was to walk to El Pueblo to see what establishments are still open there but the wind and the rain kept us.

I have never been to any premiere night. I always made sure that I kept away. There have been a few movies here and there I believe, that Nick invited us to premiere nights of but we always wanted to stay away from the crowds. My premiere night experience made me realize how wise I have been. There were a lot of people at the cinema. Many of them were standing, many of them were sitting on the arm rests of chairs and maybe, there may have been people sitting on the steps? I don’t know; but that was how packed the cinema was. One of my friends said maybe not all premiere nights are like this. Maybe it was jus that way because it was a Star Cinema film. Maybe. Maybe I won’t ever find out.

(I was not feeling well at all and did not get to take even a single photo. Now I am regretting it very much. So much for documenting one’s life. Here is a photo that Icy’s friend managed to take for us, outside the cinemas. Thanks Icy!)

Outside the cinemas, with UP Rep friends