Abet, Hush and Euan as well as Lia and I were at Vanny and Jay’s daughter Kria’s first birthday party at the Mayfield Residences Clubhouse last Sunday, July 11. I felt what is probably how it is to be a single mom at that party, since my husband only dropped us off at the clubhouse and then took off to bring our shih tzu Ewok to Tiendesitas for a smear. We want Ewok to have little pups as she is almost three years old this year.


Ewok, our shih tzu, December 2008

This was Lia and I having our photo booth time. It is quite funny. She put the funky glasses on me for the first shot. We were both unprepared for the second. We were kinda prepared for the third and it looks like she has got a nice expression on too, but its too small to see. We tried to have a solo shot of her on the fourth by having her stand on a stool but well, there wasn’t enough time. 🙂

Lia and her mama at Kria's Bday party photo booth

I love this set by the Cruz family! They look fantabulous!

Abet, Hash and Euan at Kria's First Birthday Party Photo booth

My husband finished all of his errands like bringing home Ewok from the vet and picking up our refund check from the old apartment, and got back in time to pick us up and have a photo too taken at the photo booth. It’s quite obvious how sweaty he is.

I love the third photo. It’s just sad that we can’t pick which photo gets to become the “big” one. The first photo automatically defaults.

I also love this photo of us two families together. It’s so funny how at two out of the four, you could edit the photo in half and it would seem like we never were together. Hahaha. Abet, we are so funny! Actually, the kids are way funnier!

Hash and I look really tired as moms. Hahaha. Thanks Hash for the observation. A friend told me we should be proud of looking like harassed moms, that only means we are doing our job. Hahaha.

I love this photo booth. Well, I love photo booths in general because they’re a lot of fun but I’m also saying I love this specific photo booth – Party Pipol Photo Booth. One, they have very affordable packages. It’s the same one I got for Lia’s birthday party last April. (Click here to view the photos from then.) Back then, they were named Fun Shots Photo Booth. I guess they had to change their name because there is another photo booth that has the same name. I got confused myself a few months back. The old link to the album for Lia’s birthday party does not work anymore but they’ve moved it and it can now be found HERE. Two, they are actually very nice people. I love working with really nice people. This time I didn’t have to work with them but it was still nice to see familiar faces. I didn’t really think they would recognize us but they did. Three, their photos look good. It has such a nice quality. I’ve seen other photos from other photo booths and some of them just look (sadly) bad. 🙁

So anyway, I went to check on their website which they have printed on the photo booth souvenirs and lo and behold!

I see our photo on repeat on their website’s background image! That was surprising. 😐

The little family at Lia's first birthday party photo booth

Well, as I happen to like this photo booth service, I of course will get them for future occasions or events.. and maybe, I can ask for a discount? LOL

Much thanks for the photo booth souvenirs Vanny, Jay and Kria. 🙂 You guys look lovely. We are looking forward to future play dates together – Euan, Lia and Kria and all of us young parents. After all, Mayfield Residences is just a stone’s throw away from our village and Marikina is not too far too. Lia and Euan even have the same pediatrician and last Monday, we were all at the clinic together. Oh, thanks for the nebulizer too Vanny and Jay!  We’ll bring it back the soonest possible! 🙂 Much thanks again!

Vanny, Jay and Kria at Kria's first birthday photo booth

Oh hey, you guys look almost exactly the same here too! Except that now Jay’s hair is shorter and Kria’s is a little bit longer.

Vanny, Jay and Kria at Lia's first birthday photo booth

Just posting for comparison. Hahaha! To kiddies, parenting, family-life and beyond! 🙂