My mother, looking good despite the chemotherapy sessions for the past eight months, celebrated her 61st birthday last night with her husband and all four of her children and her children’s children.

My mom and her 61st birthday cake

My brother bought this cake but we didn't have anything to light the candle with so my mom is just pretending to blow the candle.. 🙂

It was such a really fun but short night with my family. We all braved the commute and the pay day Friday traffic and the absence of taxi cabs. We booked a hotel room for our parents to spend the night at and where we could also all be together without having to worry about cleaning up after and all that. (None of my siblings’ families had been to our new home in Cainta but maybe we can have another get together next time – preferably after my impulse-bought sofa and tv rack with Nick at Trinoma’s Landmark arrives?)

The Sorita family

Unlike the past Christmas when we were all really, really complete, even with Ewok with us, this time my husband and my sister-in-law did not make it, whereas my other brother-in-law did not make it in time for this photo. I told my brother that since he does not have a kid to carry, he can just carry the centerpiece. 🙂

The kids had a dip in the pool and had a lot of fun playing together afterwards. My brother and I spent some good quality time just sitting at the dining table talking about stuff. I miss those times and I will miss them more when he leaves for Yale next month. Lia had some bonding moments with her uncles, aunts and wonderful cousins. She even forgot her bedtime is seven PM.

Lia relaxing slash watching tv?

Lia wore her favorite Roca pants (green is her favorite color) and her one of the only two remaining shoes that still fit (I have got to buy her new footwear). I took this photo of her relaxing on the tv chair, which was taken earlier in the evening.

The Sorita girls with their kids

They said we Sorita girls should have a photo with our little ones with us and that’s what we tried to do, except that Lia had set her eyes on the ladle for the badly-cooked rice right in front of her and wanted nothing else but to have her hands on them. I just love this photo. Lia is hilarious.