I don’t think I’ve ever been a party person and I would never describe myself as an extrovert, but I think, for Lia, I will go to parties, kiddie parties that is, because she loves people and she finds parties fun.

The Mayfield Park Residences clubhouse where Kria was having her first birthday party was jam packed when we got there. For someone who only goes to family kiddie parties, I’ve never seen so many kids and adults of all ages at a party. It was just Lia and I and we didn’t see anyone we knew when we got there so the first thing we did was look for Abet, Hash and Euan.

Euan, whom we fondly call “anti-social”, was already enjoying himself, playing with his mom at the playground by the pool.

Euan at the Mayfield Park Residences playground

Little big boy Euan looking like his mama in this photo

Euan ready to slide down

Euan ready to slide down

I took Lia there to play too because I don’t think I’ve ever brought her to a playground and actually, I think I loved that red slide. 🙂

Lia having fun at the red slide

Lia having fun at the red slide

Kiddie parties can be soooo fun! Especially now that I have Lia who enjoys parties and being with people immensely. I took her to the area where there were kiddie chairs and tables, games, clowns and magic shows, and I just sat and enjoyed myself watching her interact with all the other kids and everything around her. I was such a little mommy.

Dancing Lia

Lia dancing to Lady Gaga's Bad Romance 😐

I lost her for maybe three minutes in the crowd and I panicked, like really! With thoughts of “Deep End of the Oceanfilm and novel running through my head, as well as thoughts of her having slipped down the balcony into the roof, or worse, the tiled floor on the ground floor. Sorry, I panic like that. I went through all the kids faces and even checked under chairs, tables and even the cake table, looking for her, only to find her walking around the dining area, maneuvering her way through adult legs (specifically legs in jeans) and all I could say was, “Hi Lia. Where’ve you been?” as calmly as possible, albeit not without that I’m-so-relieved-no-I’m-actually-ecstatic-to-see-you undertone.

She went to the photo booth area and lined up herself that I had no choice but to get in line with her. We went through the buffet table together, with Abet’s help, and I had to carry her in one arm, and our plate in the other. Tirelessly, I kept the plate with food and Lia as far away as I could as Lia tirelessly herself, nabbed at the food on the plate with her fork the entire time we were in line. All these things I actually find hilarious. Lia just makes me laugh so much.

We even participated in the pabitin so I could get her little toys and a bright pink bottle of bubbles. I felt so like a mommy. I’m teaching her how to blow bubbles now and she gets it; though she has to fight her natural tendency to put the bubble stick in her mouth. I told her it was just like blowing her whistle or her bright red recorder.

Lia's pole inspection

If there’s one thing I regret it’s that I did not get to take as many photos as I would have liked. I only managed to take a few photos during the first hour we were there as they were busy playing but the rest of the time, I spent almost all my time running after Lia. At the end of two-something hours, I was dead tired. Well, this is just another day in the life of a mom. I’m actually looking forward to more parties to go to – or maybe play dates. I am sure Lia would love play dates. 🙂

Curiosity got the hand

Curiosity got Lia's hand, which is now stuck inside the pole