The past weekend had been hectic. Friday night had us going to Astoria Plaza to celebrate my mother’s birthday with my family and then going to Bahay ni Juan to be with TF friends and Leia for the last time before she went on to a new chapter in her life. We got home at around four in the morning and slept til about ten. Saturday afternoon had us going around Makati for some engagements before finally going to the Glass Garden to be at the reception of the wedding of my husband’s high school friend who was also one of his groomsmen at our own wedding almost four years ago.

These are some of the photos I took at their wedding reception. Since Josiah’s did the catering and I suppose also the venue decoration, I thought it fitting that I credit them for the beautiful set-up they made. Here are photos taken at the Emerald Garden in case someone interested in booking the Glass Garden as a reception venue wants to see photos. I hope you find this post helpful in any way!

We didn’t make it in time to the church ceremony so we headed straight to the reception. We were the first to get there and that allowed me to take photos while there weren’t a lot of people yet.





It was a gloomy day, with scattered rain showers all over Metro Manila. In fact, as we were having dinner, it rained really hard.

We went in and took photos of the then-empty lobby.




Guests are beginning to arrive and are looking their names up.


Coming in, there is a flight of stairs and a winding ramp.



The guests have not arrived yet and even the caterer has not finished the final arrangements just yet. They had to move that cake table away from that spot right there to put it right by the couple’s table. 🙂



The couple's table and backdrop


The table for the principal sponsors

I loved this photo but the cheese sticks were in the way…


So I had to try another angle…


And of course a front view too of the couple’s table…


And just a little snapshot of the ceiling…


And the wine glasses behind the cake table, before they moved it closer to the couple’s table..


I rushed in an attempt to capture the light coming from the lcd projector shining on the flowers in the vase. I feel kinda bad I missed the blue light but I love this photo nevertheless.


And for the soup table..


And the buffet table…


Another shot to show the nice capiz lanterns hanging on some greenery behind the buffet table..


The cake table after they moved it… 🙂


And of course a nice little photo of the wedding cake with the little gold accents..




They have set up another buffet table on the other end so that guests did not have to go all the way across…


The lechon table, which they have set up on the other end, right next to the other buffet table.


This stairway leads to the couple’s waiting room…


… while the guests slowly fill up the tables…


I thought it would be nice to take a little peek at the washrooms. At my own wedding reception at the Oasis Manila, I was told the washrooms were nice, but I never got to see it myself.


There is a nice little garden inside the ladies’ washroom. 🙂


Here is a shot of the reception venue while the guests are only starting to arrive..


… and another after the mood lights have been turned on.


Before I finally went to sit at my own table, and took a photo of the nice little stones around the vase.


Glass Garden is a nice enough venue. It’s spacious and has room for maybe 200-300 guests, though I thought there was just enough space for the 18 guest tables that were at the Felix-Bundoc wedding. The parking space may be limited though if you have a lot of guests and most especially if there are multiple events being held at the Glass Garden at the same time.

Josiah’s Catering did a wonderful job of setting up the place, if not the Events Coordinator or decorator I’m not sure. The food was great! I loved it! It was delish!

I only stayed long enough to eat and had to be taken home so I could put Lia baby to sleep. My husband brought me home and went back though. They even had an after-reception party somewhere in Timog that lasted til the early hours of the morning of the next day.

Great party! A really nice wedding reception! Congratulations to the newlyweds! 🙂