We have a scheduled trip to Bohol on September, just us the little family, and another trip to Batanes with the little family and my mom and her eight other friends but tell you what, I am finding it quite hard to plan for these trips. Why? Because it seems I am losing the traveler in me. Could that be possible?

I and my little family had just been to Bohol December last year, on Lia’s very first Travel Factor trip with Leia and friends – after she had been born that is. Technically, her very first Travel Factor trip was January 2009 to Cagayan de Oro and Camiguin with Tikoy and friends, while I was six months pregnant with her. We wanted to come back to Bohol because we want to do a little more snorkeling in Balicasag Island, visit Virgin Island and, come back for the sumptuous buffet at Bohol Bee Farm. The last time we were there, Lia had been eight months old and had not been walking just yet. I hope the next trip would be different for her and for us as well as she is now walking, and walking non-stop might I add.

This time we will not be going with the rest of the Travel Factor people, as we are booked at the Bohol Beach Club on a package, but we hope to catch them at Dumaluan beach since they would be staying at Dumaluan Beach Resort.

Since we are not going on a Travel Factor trip, I have to make separate arrangements for our island hopping trip, our trip to Bohol Bee Farm and well, be basically all on our own. The thing is, I am actually not really enjoying this planning experience.

This year would be our first time in Batanes, after our last attempt to get there in October 2008 with some Travel Factor friends got foiled because Asian Spirit cancelled our flight. My mom has always wanted to go to Batanes and she has had me on a look-out for promo tickets for the past year. When the Independence Day promo of Seair came by, we took that as an opportunity to book her and eight of her friends.

Now I am tasked with making arrangements for eleven adults and an infant for a 6D/5N stay in Batanes this coming September. Might I add that I have to make offerings at the Sta. Clara monastery at the corner of Katipunan Avenue and Aurora Boulevard for good weather. *straight face goes here* The thing is, I am actually not really enjoying this planning experience.

What has gotten into me?!

I used to enjoy this planning stage so much. I used to spend hours and hours being on the net, looking for blog posts, looking for photos, contact numbers, contact emails and all kinds of information to make my travel as cheap and comprehensive as possible. Now all I want to book are worry-free packages. I used to look at the cheapest backpacking-style accommodations but now all I want to look for are the cheapest rooms with air-conditioning, spacious rooms with nice bathrooms (a bath tub is a big plus), and let there be a spacious garden too in the resort (please?)

I am not the traveler I once was. Now I look at my child’s comforts first, since I could never bear to travel without her, and compromise with the price and convenience.

I even have to arrange for pick-up and private transportation for the comfort of everyone for after all, traveling with a child is not easy nor light. We used to book “no checked-in baggage” all the time, but now, I even have to think about whether I should pre-pay for additional baggage.

I do have a travel site, but its content is, I am approximating, only about 5% of what I can actually write about or post. I have been to so many places and have accumulated so many photos, so many information that when I think about it, if I’m going to just actually sit down and devote time to posting all of them, I would spend the next three to five months working on nothing else but the travel site. I do intend to post what I can, little by little one at a time, and hope that they don’t get too outdated by the time I finally get around.

I am one tired momma. I need a vacation too. But unlike the traveler that I once was, I need a vacation where I can actually relax and unwind, and let go of all the cares in the world, if that is even possible. I am changed. I am old, I guess.