Photo blogs on the VLF 6 – long overdue

Happy Days Ahead – new music from theater friends I happened to come by during VLF6 (Thanks William and Victor)

Travel Factor Olympics

Perhaps, my take on Toy Story 3, Eclipse and Inception. Just perhaps. Though mind you, these are not reviews. Just my personal thoughts on the movies I caught on theaters the past weeks, of which I have not been able to write about.

My husband will be away on business trips to China and Japan so I guess I’ll not be having my usual schedule. Though perhaps more specifically, I’ll not be eating so much as I won’t have my cook around. *straight face goes here*

Can I just say that I am running really low on finances now as these 3x a week trips to Lia’s pediatrician as well as all sorts of tests and all kinds of medicines have been taking its toll on us. I am tired and well, I can say I’m also broke. In other news, at least I got a P358 refund on the almost-5 days PLDT did not give me any kind of service, whether dial tone or DSL. But can I just say that I spent more than that in my frequent calls to their 02-8888-171 number through my cellphone as well as all those prepaid internet cards I spent on both Globe and Sun? Can I also say freelancing sucks when you’re broke, you’ve done all the work and you have no idea where your money is?

Oh I don’t know. I’m sorry I’m just really sad and tired and all that.. It’s hard to be a hard-working momma… I try to work hard so I can feel I deserve the vacation when it comes around, but the way I’m going, I don’t even know if I’m gonna make it all the way to that much-deserved vacation. *sad face goes here*