The 2010 Travel Factor Olympics started at eight in the morning, but since it’s Ryan’s last day before a week-long business trip abroad, I thought it necessary for him to spend the morning playing with our daughter as well as catching up on sleep. We missed the Frisbee and Tug-of-War games.

The schedule said volleyball was going to start at two o’clock so I thought it was safe to leave the house after putting Lia down for her afternoon nap and catch the first volleyball game. The rain started pouring really, really hard as we were closing our front door and getting into the car. We got to the Marikina Sports Park sometime past two o’clock, just in time for the second round of volleyball games: UBBE vs CONQUER. We had missed our own. The SURFVIVOR vs PHOTOHOLIC volleyball game started at one o’clock, Tikoy said. I had really wanted Ryan to play volleyball. I don’t play any other sports myself, and I am especially disinterested in anything with balls like basketball, volleyball, football, billiards, tennis so on and so forth. I just really suck at sports and I get tired really easily. Anyone ever noticed how I do not have a category for sports? 😛

While the other teams played, Ryan, Ver and I had a food trip inside the complex. I have been especially addicted to siomai the past days and have been looking for lugaw or goto the past weeks.

Ryan got to play volleyball in the game for third and fourth place, UBBE vs PHOTOHOLIC. 15-weeks pregnant Sheila and non-sporty me, along with a couple of other Photoholic team members had a grand time cheering on our team and I really must say that I was absolutely entertained.

Cheering team members, photo by Jetters Natividad

It was worth paying P400 for the t-shirt, the wonderful time with TF friends and entertainment.

It actually did not stop raining all afternoon and people had to play in the rain. I hope none of them have colds today. 😐

Championship game for volleyball, Surfvivor vs Conquer. Photo by Jet Natividad

Spectators, photo by Jet Natividad

Here is a photo of Team Photoholic in the morning, looking all fresh!

Team Photoholic in the morning

Here is a photo of all the participants after the brief awarding ceremony under the big tent. Some of the team members of Conquer (green) and UBBE (blue) have already left before we got the chance to tell them there is a group photo.

2010 Travel Factor Olympics teams

TF Olympics: Conquer (green), Photoholic (red), UBBE (blue), Surfvivor (violet). Photo taken by Deneb Villanueva with my D90

And it would not be complete if we did not have another group photo at the end of the day. (There were group shots in the morning but we missed it. Patrick Valera was even in our team! I loved the tug-of-war photos by the way.)

Preparing for the group shot

Team Photoholic, photo taken by LA Pomicpic using my D90

Team Photoholic

Team Photoholic

I love this photo, Cedric Valera. Yudaman!

There are raindrops! Hahahaha! We were having pictures taken right in the middle of the muddy field, some barefoot, some with slippers on but all wet and kinda-dirty, if not really dirty (yes, I’m talking about you Rex Literato :P)!

Here is a series of supposedly wacky shots of Team Photoholic. Thanks guys for making even the simplest things fun.

We all trooped to the Bat Cave after for more bonding time over dinner as well as to celebrate one of our friends’ promotion at work.

Ordering pizza by phone at the bat cave; Photo by Deneb Villanueva

We had the biggest pizza we ever saw from Calda Pizza which also turned out to be the pizza that was consumed in the least amount of time. This was consumed along with chicharon bulaklak and lechon manok, with bottles of Coke.

Happy with the pizza, Photo by Deneb Villanueva

WOW, PIZZA!!! All eyes on the 36-inch pizza from Calda Pizza. Photo by Deneb Villanueva

Take 2 on the wow pizza!, Photo by Deneb Villanueva

But wait, that was not enough for us who were really famished after a long day of sports and all that, we ordered 6 more pizza from Pizza Hut and delicious cake from Gateau De Manille and consumed more bottles of Pepsi.

Round 2 with pizzas from Pizza Hut, photo by Deneb Villanueva

Getting ready for the cake, Photo by Deneb Villanueva

The cake after the big TF attack, photo by Deneb Villanueva

Over all, the TF Olympics was a success and so was the after-party and dinner. It felt really good to be with TF friends again and just laugh at the silliest things. Thank you Travel Factor for yet another wonderful time spent with all of you. You are the bestest thing traveling ever got for me. 🙂