I found this link off Twitter (where I actually am in more often than Facebook) and found it very helpful. I wanted to share it with you guys, in case you are interested. I have always said I am such a poor student of photography and only lately have I been reading on things. I am really grateful for blogs such as this one.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

I’ve gotten in the habit of spending 10 or 15 seconds checking my camera settings before I shoot. Of course, all cameras are different (as are shooting styles), so this is just my own personal checklist of things I look at. Yours may be different, but the point is that you should have that habit of checking the settings prior to releasing the shutter. Here’s a rundown of what I look at and how I typically set my camera.

  1. Priority Mode
  2. Shutter/F-number
  3. Exposure Compensation
  4. ISO speed
  5. Drive mode
  6. Autofocus Mode/Area
  7. Meter mode
  8. Color space
  9. White balance
  10. Battery power
  11. File format
  12. Remaining shots

These are just the things I quickly glance over before shooting. Other cameras and other photographers will have different needs and different checklists. But the point is that you should have some sort of camera setting checklist burned into your mind.

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