I finally subscribed to a Smart Parenting magazine and now my friends can make fun of me. Hahaha. I have been trying to avoid subscribing since I remember that once, one of my friends joked, “Wow, you’re such a housewife! I bet you have a subscription to Good Housekeeping!” For the record, I do not have a subscription to Good Housekeeping nor have I had any subscription to any magazine for that matter until now. Now my friend can say, “Wow, you’re such a mommy! I bet you have a subscription to Smart Parenting!” and I would just turn red in the face and be able to say or do nothing except flash a big wide toothy smile. Guilty as charged.

What finally pushed me to subscribe?

One, I had really wanted this book!

The Smart Mom’s Guide to the Toddler Years

Free Smart Parenting Book (The Smart Mom’s Guide to the Toddler Years) if you subscribe to Smart Parenting for 12 or 24 issues

Worth: P295

Promo Extended: until August 7, 201

I thought it was a great idea to check out this magazine first for myself before committing myself to a subscription. I thought of going to the nearest bookstore or getting a copy of a back issue at Filbars because it is cheaper.

But I get there and they had no current issue as it was sold out, as well as no back issues. All copies are sold out!

That made me thought of this…

Why subscribe to a Summit magazine?

4. Guaranteed monthly copy. Since Summit Media magazines are bestsellers, bookstores and supermarkets might run out of copies. If you subscribe, you will never miss an issue again.

So two…Wow, this magazine must be such a bestseller. No back issues! Always sold out eh?

They did have the book I wanted, The Smart Moms Guide to the Toddler Years, on the rack and it was being sold at the cover price of P295. I had to stop myself from buying it then and there, and had to remind myself, “just get a subscription for P1,020 and get the book and twelve other magazines!” I hope I get the book though. It says there promo only until August 7 or by bad luck, “until stocks run out”?

As I was going through the subscription page, I enter all my information and click on the magazine, the rate and I see that the price is not at P1,020 but at P1,560! What?!

Note: Save up to 5% off for 3-issues, 10% off for 6-issues, 15% off for 12-issues, and 20% off for 24-issues. Delivery is free within Metro Manila. Delivery charges will apply for provincial area.

I thought if I was going to pay P540 more because I live in the province of Rizal, in the town of Cainta which is a stone’s throw away from Marikina and Pasig, I’d rather not get the subscription. I’ll just buy the book at P295 and get it over with.

Good thing I went through the FAQ section and read this:

How much is the delivery charge?

Deliveries to Metro Manila, CAMANAVA, Antipolo City, and Rizal in towns of Angono, Cainta, San Mateo, and Taytay are free of charge. However, for areas outside those mentioned above, delivery charges shall apply. The subscription rates are inclusive of delivery charges.

So I went ahead and paid online for my 1-yr subscription to Smart Parenting magazine and should expect my first copy to arrive next month, if not the last week of this month, depends on when they release their monthly copy. Too bad I’m going to miss getting this issue:

August 2010, Smart Parenting Magazine

So I did not have a chance to get a look at what’s inside this magazine or had an idea of how much I’m going to like this magazine’s content, but if it’s always sold out on magazine stands, maybe it’s worth the risk. 😉

I’m assuming it’s going to have the same format or content, except it’s on glossy paper form of course, as my favorite mommy TV show, MOMents, on Net25.

Here are the websites for Smart Parenting: