The Multiply ads work… because that’s how I got to this nice (very new!) little site on curtains, beddings, pillows and such.

I have been looking into having curtains made for the house. In the almost three months we hav been living here, I have left the old blinds from the apartment stowed away and the windows completely bare. I am waiting for some inspiration on what to do with the windows. I am on the look-out for a signage along Felix Avenue that says “Curtains” (along the lines of upholstery) or something like that.

I found this today, and I’m seriously considering having my window treatments done by them, if only they’re not so far away. In San Pablo, Laguna no less!

Let’s start off with the cushions then the beddings before finally moving on to the curtains and window treatments. 🙂

Those cushions would look nice on the new gray sectional sofa I bought in Landmark the last time I was there to have coffee with my friend Nick at Starbucks. *smile*

Black and white is a nice, classic and clean color. I think Lia would like the more colorful ones though, like the one in the photo below. *smile*

These are basically what I am looking for… nothing really grand. Basic and simple, I guess.

Old rose drapes with balance

Drapes with shears and balance

I also like the following design, though not in this ghastly color.

Custom drapes with balance

What I really want is floor to ceiling curtains because it gives the illusion of having taller ceilings and I want that illusion, having actually grown up in my parents’ house with ceilings tall enough to play indoor volleyball in – at least that’s what my sister’s friends used to joke. 😛

Though I hope it can be better-looking than this one below.

Sheared balance with pinch pleated drapes

Or maybe this..? It looks pretty enough, not too simple and yet not too grandiose.

Elizabeth empires drapes with shears or vertical blinds

… Just not this.

Swag with fringes and drapes

or worse, this!

Custom swag with scallops curtain

Not that I’m saying these are bad. I’m just saying they’re not my kind of curtains. 😉

All photos lifted from the following site: