These photos were the first ones I ever took of the Virgin Labfest 6. They were taken on the 3pm show of Set C on June 24. Unlike the other plays of Set C, I did not get to watch this play again because the next time I came to CCP to shoot Set C again I took the LRT2-LRT1-orange jeep route and I got there really, really late.

These photos were taken from the very last row of the bleachers in the center. I was sitting right next to the videographer and I was very self-conscious because I knew the camera clicks were being recorded on the video too. I felt really bad about that that in the next play, I moved away from the videographer and went to sit on the bleachers on the left side of the stage.

Also, I just bought the camera three hours before and I was just getting to know the camera and its features. My old camera was a Nikon D80 and it certainly was different from the one I just bought, a Nikon D90. I forgot to turn off the built-in AF-assist-illuminator and right after I took the first shot, an usher hurriedly came to tell me, “Ma’am, flashes are not allowed.” Darn.

This play so far has the least number of photos of all the plays in the Virgin Labfest. One, because it only had two actors. Two, they did not move much. Three, they had adequate lighting. And lastly, I was actually very limited in the shots I could take in the back row.

Suor Clara
written and directed by Floy Quintos

Frances Makil-Ignacio as Suor Clara
Ronan Capinding as Obispo

The revolution of 1896 is breaking out. In the nunnery of Santa Clara, a strange, nocturnal visitor has come to bid the Mother Superior farewell. Their brief encounter reveals a surprising twist of identities.


The visitor was once known as Padre Salvi, now he is a powerful Archbishop. The Mother Superior was once the beautiful and tragic Maria Clara




But she is a tragic character no longer. “Suor Clara” imagines the transformation of one of literature’s iconic characters, and dares to chart her journey from brokenness to independence.







Here is a slideshow of all the photos in the set:

The photos were taken as photo documentation for Teatro Pilipinas and Tanghalang Pilipino but all photo copyrights belong solely to me.