I can’t believe Lia is now 16 months. Time really flies. Actually, I just want to rattle off things she can now do as a 16-month old. Today, after all is the 7th of this month.

I previously made 2 blog posts on her milestones, which is what I use to track her developments. So far, I made one for her 7th month (which was last November) and another for her 13th month (which was last May).

I am not going to post anymore the Baby Milestones Chart for 13-18 months because Lia can do all of the things listed there. I wanna look ahead and look at the 19-24 months chart. And here it is:

Child’s Age

Mastered Skills (most kids can do)

Emerging Skills (half of kids can do)

Advanced Skills (a few kids can do)
19 months • Uses a spoon and fork
• Runs
• Throws a ball underhand
• Enjoys helping around the house
• Understands as many as 200 words
• Recognizes when something is wrong (e.g., calling a dog a cat)
• Washes and dries own hands with help
• Points to picture or object when you call it by name
• May know when she needs to pee
20 months • Feeds doll
• Takes off own clothes
• Dumps an object in imitation, such as throwing garbage away
• Learns words at a rate of ten or more a day
• Can walk up stairs(but probably not down)
• May start exploring genitals
• Draws a straight line
• Names several body parts
21 months • Can walk up stairs
• Able to set simple goals (e.g., deciding to put a toy in a certain place)
• Throws a ball overhand
• Kicks ball forward
• Stacks six blocks
• Names simple picture in a book
• Can walk down stairs
22 months • Kicks ball forward
• Follows two-step requests (e.g., “Get your doll and bring it here”)
• Does simple puzzles
• Draws a straight line
• Names several body parts
• Puts on loose-fitting clothes
• Might be ready for a big bed
• Understands opposites (e.g., tall vs. short)
23 months • Names simple picture in a book
• Uses 50 to 70 words
• Opens doors
• Sings simple tunes
• Takes more of an interest in playing with other kids
• Talks about self (likes, dislikes)
• Asks “why?”
24 months • Names at least six body parts
• Half of speech is understandable
• Makes two- to three-word sentences
• Talks about self
• Arranges things in categories
• Can walk down stairs
• Begins to understand abstract concepts (e.g., sooner and later)
• Becomes attuned to gender differences
• Learns to jump

Lia cannot do all of those things above in the chart, but these are the things she can do:

  • Uses spoon and fork
  • Runs (and boy, can she run really fast!)
  • Helps around the house with the broom, mop and dust pan
  • Walks up and down the stairs on her own
  • She can take off her clothes, down to her diaper
  • She can name and identify the colors red, blue and yellow
  • She can say out, door, dirty, ruffles, dog, potty.. At least that’s what I can say off the top of my head. All the other thing she says comes out gibberish.
  • She can pour water on herself and soap herself.

    Yeah, she bathes herself. I gotta get her her own bath SOAP because she apparently thinks it should be a bar, and not just the Toddler Wash or Johnsons Milk Bath I use on her. Well, she imitates and she doesn’t see me use the toddler wash or the milk bath. I use the soap.

  • She might not know all the time when she needs to pee but she can control her pee. I can make her pee on-demand. Sometimes. 😐 Sometimes, she ignores me and goes on playing. 😐
  • She is potty-trained, though not perfectly. I read it will take months to perfect it.
  • Reads anything with words on it. Not just her board books. Anything with words. Even flyers, even shampoo sachets.
  • She can sing along too. She used to do the intro to Justin Bieber’s Baby perfectly when it was all the rage. Now, not anymore. I think she’s moved on.
  • Opens doors.

    Oh geez, she can climb out of her crib and the next moment she is either knocking on the door, or running around because she has opened it and she is showing everyone she has freed herself.

  • She can put on clothes and footwear.

    She runs to the shoe rack to get her footwear, runs with them in her arms, hugged to her chest and runs to the front door – which is her way of saying “Hey guys! I am going out okay?!

  • She loves other kids, playing and interacting with other kids.

    She runs off to the first kid she sees. One time, I saw her run to three kids ages 5-8 walking down the street, stop them in their tracks and she just stood there facing the three, right in the middle of the three kids and the street and it seemed like she was introducing herself, blabbing and smiling away and looking at each of them in the face.

  • She writes with pencils and pens… taking the caps off, sharpening pencils…
  • She scribbles with crayons and paints using a brush, complete with dipping the brush in the palette and brushing it on the canvas. (Yeah, I bought us painting canvases)
  • She can play the recorder. Well, not really “play” but she can make sounds on it and mighty proud of it too.
  • She can say “Babay Papa!” and her favorite phrase is “Wala na!” Or is that considered a complete sentence?

    She says “Wala na” when her milk bottle is empty, when her plate is empty, when there is no more water in the pail or her dipper or when she throws any object out of her sight.

  • She talks nonstop on the phone. She even answers the phone on her own.
  • Oh darn, she throws a mean tantrum.

    I had to push and prod her on as she walked home, screaming in the middle of the street because she wanted to play in someone else’s yard and she didn’t want to go home. As we turned the corner, she just sprawled on the street, screaming and crying at the top of her lungs. I ignored her and waited on her to get up on her own. I gotta do a mean child-raising… 😐

    Lia has been and is keeping me so darn busy these days.