These days I find it hard to leave Lia at home with the maid after I caught the maid twice on different occasions and different days sleeping while watching over her. Another reason is that Lia needs a lot of activities and supervised play time. She is so interested in a lot of things and gets bored easily that I have to put a lot of effort in channeling her energies and her curiosity into things that are somehow developmental and educational.

So every time I have to do something outside the house, if it will not take a lot of time, like an errand to the bank a block away from the village gate, I do it while she is asleep. Every time I have to be away for a longer period of time, I try to take her with me.

Like Monday this week, I took her to U.P. with me, to the DUP office, Cashier’s Office and U.P. Shopping Center. In going home, we did a side trip to CDR King in Robinson’s East, had dinner at Jollibee and passed through Sta. Lucia East.

My day-to-day schedules and activities are basically governed by Lia’s schedules.

Friday this week had us going to Sta. Lucia again to pay our water bill, buy more DVD-Rs at CDR King, do the groceries and get her a new shirt, a new pair of walking sandals and a few pair of socks.

We did a little side trip to National Book Store where Lia had a grand time admiring books. She wanted all sorts of books! I had to take her away before she made a fuss.

On our way out the mall, I got her a little chocolate ice cream cone and she slurped at it like she was older than one year. It made me laugh to see her bob her head to the music blaring out of the speakers right outside Odyssey store, one hand holding mine and the other holding her little dripping ice cream cone, while her face was all splattered brown as we were passing by.

Sure, taking her out zaps all the energy out of me, but it makes me totally happy.

Weekend is always family day so Saturday saw us driving over to Cash & Carry mall over in Makati to supposedly look at this little shop for kids that carries pretty little dresses, a shop I found on Multiply. When we got there, I was happy to see that the dresses were really nice, the look and feel of it, but was saddened by the fact that there weren’t any in Lia’s size.

We ended buying her a toy and a nice Hello Kitty pen that lights up when you write and even has nice pink little feathers on it. We also bought presents for kids having their birthdays this month.

This Sunday, we took her to a kiddie birthday party in Fun Ranch in Tiendesitas.

Apparently, the website is down so its not displaying the photos I linked off it. I will just have to post this photo off Facebook.

There is a nice big sale over at Big & Small Company right at the Fun Ranch, but when I brought Lia there to look at stuff, I could not interest her enough to look at the clothes. I think I’ll just come back some time this week.

I also went back to National Book Store, because they’re having a great sale, and bought Lia 5 books off the Patchwork series.

Every day is Lia day.

I may be tired and stressed out. I may feel like I always don’t have enough time for all the things I need to do. I may be having a personal financial crisis. I may only possess one pair of shoes and zero pairs of pants. But none of those will stop me from buying her shoes, clothes, toys, books and anything that will make her happy. Such is the life of a mommy.

My life revolves around you, Lia baby.